Day 2 March 18th

Today went a little smoother.  Although it was super hard to get out of bed this morning I pulled myself out and got my workout done in the living room.  After that I got my God time in and learned a little more about Job. Today Jobs’ health was affected. He had boils from his head to his feet and yet he still praised God. His own wife even tried to get him to turn on God but he didn’t.  So in my prayer journal I prayed that God would give me the strength that it would take to have the same response in this tough situation.

A couple of us are getting head colds which I am not too alarmed by but can’t help but have the thought in the back of my head.  We are taking temps about twice a day and so far just sniffles and sore throats. Nothing of too much concern. Sarah has been sick for over a week with the same thing so I am assuming it’s what she has?  I am not letting myself fret, does us no good! 

After my God time I made some delicious egg casserole and got the kids up. I was able to get them started mostly on time today! Win! Schooling went much better. I think they knew more of what to expect and got right to work.  There was a moment where my oldest was stressing out about staying on schedule and we were going back and forth about this and it just hit me…I said “why are we hurrying? We have no place to be, no appointments on the calendar and nothing to do!”  She looked at me and we were both perplexed on what to do with this idea. She then said “well I want to be stressed about staying on schedule” LOL! I can only assume it was a sort of comfort for her. But really what I am realizing is how much I need to slow down, how much my family needs to slow down.  

The kids spent quite a bit of time outside, after me forcing them out.  We then took a walk in the rain and we didn’t even care! It was so nice to be out of the house and getting fresh air. In the afternoon we got a little off course due to the president being late for the daily debrief.  This caused a little stress so our alone time turned into two hours 🙂 I was enjoying it so much that I didn’t even care that Parker was playing video games the entire time! Of course now looking back, I regret that and have total mom guilt but it got me through the moment.  The art program wasn’t uploaded on time so the kids were a bit upset by that which was a surprise after yesterday’s ordeal. 

Regarding the update from the president it seems it could be a while before our lives are back to normal,  like July or after maybe. I somehow don’t think that we’re going to return to school this year. The kids are pretty upset about this idea but at the same time they’ve been begging for the longest to be homeschooled so they’re getting a nice taste. 🙂 

 The kids got along very well today which was a surprise and they played many different things. I was probably not very kind to Aaron today. Not sure what my problem was…maybe just stressed from doing my job alongside e-learning and being locked up lol.  This is something I have been working on for some time. I am a big b-word to Aaron when I am stressed. God and I are working on that and it’s been a long process. :/ More on that another day. 

Tonight we were able to pack some boxes and I got Addie’s bed down for the big move. So about the big move…my mother in law informed us a couple of months ago that she would like to sell this house in the summer.  She no longer wants the responsibility of it. So as her caretakers we need to get the house ready to sell. The thing is though that before my father in law was diagnosed with his cancer, he had major highs and lows with his parkensons.  Some days he would be hyperactive and literally tearing down walls and then next day he couldn’t move a muscle. So instead of returning to his newly started project next time he felt good, he would knock down another wall. So that brings us to when we moved in, we have made many repairs and replaced a lot of things but there is still so much to do.  So in order to make room to work, we are getting a storage unit so we can move things out that we do not need before summer. We plan to do much work over this isolation time, which fulfils my goal setting, always need to be productive, controlling personality! 

Last thoughts for day 2 and my challenge to you.  First one random realization, we are going through food much faster than I anticipated! I didn’t consider the fact that everyone eats so much more when we are at home! Now what?!  

Lastly, as I was realizing earlier in the day, our society needs to slow down.  Like why are we always rushing? Why are we pushing important conversations to the side and brushing off hurting people?  What really is important anyway? This experience can really help us to see what is truly important to us in life. What about you?  Are you slowing down yet? Does your child or spouse or friend need you to sit with them for an extra few minutes? If so, why not? There is nothing more important at this very moment.

One thought on “Day 2 March 18th

  1. We go through soooo much food!!

    A radio station posted a question asking what people were most looking forward to doing when this was done. All of the answers were about getting together with family! When we get busy, going to see family seems to be the first thing to get cut, when maybe it’s the most important.

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