Day 3 March 19th

SO hard to wake up this morning! I was so upset with myself because I got up over an hour later than I wanted to. I was feeling pretty crappy from this cold but I forced myself out for my run. I am glad I did, I felt much better after returning.  I got my God time and coffee in before the kids woke up. Job finally breaks! He struggles for a whole chapter cursing the day he was born. He still did not curse God though. I think we all have a breaking point. His was after so much, after losing his children, his wealth and all his possession and his health.  Not many people these days could handle all that before questioning God or freaking out! I am impressed. If he can continue having a strong faith, so can I because the Lord’s strength is in me. 

We were totally off schedule today.  I wasn’t bothered by it as much as I would have been a couple of weeks ago.  Alaina got done with all of her school work within an hour! She really enjoyed being done.  I am still struggling to balance work and distance learning with the kids. Aaron is helping everyday by sitting with Parker to get his stuff done but I am still making meals, helping the girls and doing work for my job.  I will get into the groove at some point. 🙂 

We got an email from Parker’s teacher that we needed to come and pick up the rest of his stuff that he would need for his distance learning.  We had been putting it off debating which one of us would go. Aaron was the lucky winner. I sent him loaded with clorox wipes and hand sanitizer.  When he returned I wiped every last thing with a sanitizing wipe, even his math papers. We have been doing the same with the mail. We walk out to the mailbox with a wipe, wipe off the mailbox handle and then get the mail with the wipe and spray it down when we get it in.  We may be crazy but we have to keep Nancy safe. We do not do these things out of fear but to protect her life. 

We tuned in once again to the update from the president and then our state governor.  He announced that we now have 2 deaths in the state and several testing positive. Aso locally we now have cases for the first time.  The state superintendent announced that we will now not return to school until after May 1st. That is 3 extra weeks of no school and they said we may possibly not return at all for the school year.  That is over 53 more days. OH MY GOSH! We are only 3 days in. I feel defeated already. When I told the kids Addie was pretty sad but Alaina’s response was “I have a library book that is due” she was also worried about jog –thon being canceled. I am surprised they haven’t said much about their friends. I am sure it is coming.  It has only been a few days after all. 

 We had family time and watched brick masters.  This is a show our whole family enjoys. It was nice to laugh together and have our focus on something other than each other.  We often have family time, sometimes we play a board game and sometimes watch a movie. The kids always love it and we do too! I am looking forward to more of this. 

Final thoughts and a challenge for you: this morning I wrote in my prayer journal that many would find Jesus through all of this  God is so good at taking something so horrible and making beautiful things out of the mess. That is what he is doing for my family in so many ways.  Guess what the most recent thing was?!  

So around 11:00 pm, Addie came downstairs (I was pretty annoyed because she should have been to bed long ago) and asked for me to come up to her room.  She proceeded to tell me that she fully understands the love of God now and that she accepts Christ’s gift for her. She said “I am a Christian now”!!!! I was beyond ecstatic.  Addie has always said she believes but never really had a moment where she made that choice for her own! Who knew it was her I was praying for this morning! I didn’t even think of it! WOW! What a blessing! And guess what…something to ponder…she said she really started thinking about eternity and God because of the Coronavirus! Where in your life is God making beautiful things out of a horrible mess? 

One thought on “Day 3 March 19th

  1. We’ll have to check out Brick Masters!

    Wow, that’s amazing Addie Sue ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    With a newborn in the house we’re surrounded with beautiful life. I’m so thankful this happened during spring and not the middle of winter, there is new life found everywhere. We see more and more every day on our walk.

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