Day 6 March 22nd

Today the kids woke me up. I can’t remember the last time that happened. I must have slept through my alarm. I felt horrible from my cold. I didn’t sleep much last night. I was up several times worrying about things I guess. On a normal Sunday, my norm  is to get up around 6:00 and head out for my 6 mile run that ends at Starbucks. There I meet my cousin and we grab coffee and then head out for a walk. We then return, get our free refill on the coffee and then head home to get ready for church. But today was different, this Sunday and many to come, I will not have this special time with her, I will miss it for sure, it was a staple in my week! Instead I tried to talk myself out of my run, mainly because of how horrible I was feeling and decided to hold off on it until later to see if I would start feeling better.  

After making breakfast we all sat down to tune in online to our church service.  We had the kids watch a couple of Christian cartoons after. After this I was feeling so foggy that I decided to force myself to go for a run to clear my head.  I was shooting for a couple of miles just because I didn’t feel well but ended up doing 5, so not bad. It was just what I needed to get my mind back into shape.  By the time I returned and showered I realized I had not eaten at all yet or had my coffee and it was 2:00!! This was unacceptable so I made myself quite a meal and had my God time while I ate.

Hungry mama!

We spent most of the day relaxing. We had our alone time but then after Addie decided to make us an apple pie! I have no idea where this came from lol!  It turned out pretty good actually. She looked up the recipe and did it all herself. I was so proud of her! After dinner I played Just Dance with the kids.  We had a great time! It was nice to not have any plans all day and just chill and do whatever came to mind. We had no schedule to dictate what we did next, I didn’t have to rush around preparing for a busy week like I normally do on Sundays.  It was the most restful Sunday we have had in forever.  

Final thoughts and a challenge for you.  My trainer, Kathy, who I mentioned yesterday really stresses journaling every day.  I have done this on and off my life but in the last couple of years I have really made it a priority.  I mostly talk to God in my journal but she recently suggested some things to journal every day. I really enjoy answering these questions every day in addition to my prayer journal.  It is so helpful in taking control of my thoughts and my focus for the day.

They are:

– 3 Things I am grateful for

– 3 Things I am going to focus on today (I use this for more of mindset type things such as I will focus positive thoughts, I will focus on being patient with my husband :), etc. )

-3 Priorities (This is more of your to-do type of things like fold laundry, clean out the closet, etc.)

I have noticed that in the last week my grateful section and my priorities have shifted quite a bit.  It’s funny how a change in life circumstances shifts your mindset so much. I believe the Lord is letting me see through a different lense and I am so grateful for that. 

I encourage you to take a week to  journal and reflect on these three things every day and see how it impacts your outlook on the day and your ownership of your day.  

4 thoughts on “Day 6 March 22nd

  1. Glad your Sunday got better jenni! I know Courtney misses you too! What have Sarah and Nancy been doing? We haven’t heard about them in a couple days.


    1. Bri thank you! Nancy and Sarah are doing well! They are keeping busy with their own little things. Sarah baked us our favorite clean pumpkin muffins yesterday!! I was so excited:) Nancy has been a huge help with Addie’s math that she is learning. I am thankful to have some family in our home, it is a blessing.


  2. We haven’t been doing well with watching a chirch service at home. I’d really like to start doing that! I think the kids would enjoy it too. What christian kids cartoons do you watch?

    I wrote those journal prompts down and will look for a notebook to start journaling!


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