Day 7 March 23rd

It has been one whole week! I can’t believe it. It feels like a short time but at the same time feels like we’ve been living like this forever.  So much has happened in a week’s time. 

After my workout this morning I had a small amount of God time due to getting up late…again! I believe the issue is I have been getting to be so much later than normal.  I will be working on that.  

In Job 7, Job was talking with God about his suffering with such an open heart and not holding back. He even says so in verse 11.  He just puts it all out there. He loathes his life and ultimately wants God to end his life. He cannot see past his pain to see that God could still do amazing things through his situation and in his life.  I think we all have these times when we face adversity that we are too blinded to see what God is doing or has the potential to do through our pain. In such a time as this we could easily forget that He has a plan for us beyond this season, we must stay faithful and hopeful, He will see us through to the other side!    

Seems it is normal now for us to get a late start on school.  I am working on making changes so this will not be an issue any longer.  It was a busy work day for me so it was a challenge to keep the kids on task, as a result some of the distance learning did not get completed until after 5:00! It was not fun! 

As part of my work day I use Zoom to conference with any of my students who would like to join.  Yesterday I had a couple of seniors and a junior. I discussed with them “Surviving the Lockdown”.  They seemed grateful for the suggestions. As part of a deeper conversation we talked about all the things we took for granted at school. They miss school and are mourning the loss of the typical senior/junior year activities such as prom, time with friends in the last couple months of school and possibly graduation ceremony.  My heart hurts for these kids as they try to make sense of all this and what they are losing. I felt so blessed to bring them hope and encouragement. I love my students!!  

In the afternoon one of Parker’s friends wanted to facetime him to talk and spend time together.  It was the sweetest thing! Parker just lit right up and had a great time catching up. They are so young and innocent and just had so much fun. 

After I gave Alaina and Parker some chalk and shoved them out the door to be outside for fresh air.  I am getting some kick back about them going outside, they just want to play video games all day :|. I told them to use the chalk to write something encouraging on the sidewalk for people to see as they are walking around the neighborhood.  Later when I went outside to take a walk for my alone time I saw the messages Alaina had left. They said “We will get through this together” and “We get to be with family”. I am hopeful someone is encouraged. This made me so proud! 

Now for my online grocery ordering experience…I placed a pretty large order with Meijer on Friday. They projected that my groceries would arrive between 9:00 and 10:00 am on Monday.  I was okay with that considering I was hearing it would take awhile.  

Monday rolled around and I received three different texts at random times to push the time back.  Finally around 1:30 my shopper texted me and said she was starting my order and asked if I wanted her to contact me if she needed to substitute any items (she said most things were picked over and anticipated a lot of subs).  I told her to use her best judgement unless it was more expensive.  

As the afternoon rolled along I would get texts every once in a while asking me about items. Around dinner time I was starting to wonder why it was taking her so long but she kept texting me, even sending me a picture of the cart with an item in it.  Finally around 7:40 she said she was almost finished and asked if I needed anything else. Minutes later I received a text from Meijer that my order had experienced issues and it has been canceled! I was so taken off guard I didn’t even know what to think. I immediately texted my shopper and she said that they had suspended the order. Long story short I made arrangements for her to put my cart in the freezer and I would find a way to get it.  I ended up having to go all the way across town and go INTO THE STORE to get it! The whole point of delivery was to avoid going to the store:( I was pretty upset.  

I met up with my shopper to slip her $20 for her time.  When I got the groceries home I sanitized everything before bringing it in (overkill, I know but we gotta keep Nancy safe!).  As I was going through the groceries, there were several things that I didn’t order or that were not even close. Don’t get me wrong, I was very grateful to have food but overall NOT a great experience, but something I can laugh at now. We are trying Aldi this weekend LOL!   

Final thoughts…I was going to talk about tonight’s update from the President and go on a rant but I am aware there is enough of that going on, however, I will mention the battle within me during the address.  Basically what he was saying is he wanted to get American opened up again for the purpose of the economy. I totally understand where he is coming from but it seems he was being very aggressive about the idea, even if, at the time of making this decision, it did not seem in the best interest of our health.  

As I started thinking about the ramifications of a decision like this I began to lose trust and faith in our leadership.  Thus far I think the task force has done all they can given the situation and I have felt confident and trusting but tonight’s briefing just made me sick and scared and hopeless. Between that and having to go to the store I was quite anxious.  I had to do a lot of praying and I was reminded that my hope does not come from the people in charge but it comes from the Lord.
 “And so, Lord, where do I put my hope? My only hope is in You.” Psalm 39:7

One thought on “Day 7 March 23rd

  1. I really hope the schools are able to figure out a way to still do some of the things the seniors are missing out on, no matter how late in the year.

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