Day 8 March 24th

I started my day with a nice 3 mile run. I waited until just before the sun came up so I could run in the daylight.  It was nice to watch the sun rise. During my God time I read Job 9. Job seems to know the power of God and all that he is capable of but still feels that his life can no longer be used talking about his days being gone in verse 26.  I think the most powerful part of this passage is that he talks about a longing to have someone mediate between him and God, verse 33, so he can effectively express his desires. This reminded me there is a difference between Job and I in my current situation, I have this mediator, he is Jesus! 1 Tim 2:5 tells us there is one God and one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus. I will continue to turn to Jesus for my help! 

We started school late again but I really didn’t care today.  I was in a “forget a schedule” kind of mood:) The kids are doing better each day with their distance learning.  I think it is becoming routine to them. Of course starting Friday we have spring break for a week so we will need to start things all over again after that lol.  That’s okay, I am so thankful for the break that is coming.

Speaking of spring break, Aaron and I have been brainstorming what to do to kinda soften the blow of us not taking our trip.  Other than walks/bike rides on our local trails and maybe a picnic if it reaches 50 degrees, we are at a loss. I am open to any ideas if you have them!! Please drop them in the comment box!

In the afternoon Alaina was introduced to the world of kid messenger.  This is not my favorite idea for her but considering they are never allowed on technology outside of our presence, I think I can control it pretty well.  I am glad I gave it a chance because she was the happiest I have seen her since we have been home. She chatted, laughed and giggled with two of her best friends for a while.  It was the highlight of her day. I loved watching her enjoy that precious time. She really misses her friends. 😦

We took a family walk in the evening. I had to fight to get everyone out the door.  All they want to do is play video games. It is a real issue right now. This is new territory for us so we will have to figure out how to handle the situation, especially because Aaron and I do not see eye to eye on time limits and such. 

A few of the other challenges we are facing since being isolated, that were weighing on my mind yesterday are: 

The pressure I am putting on myself to have meaningful activities at all times 

Not being able to fully eat clean like normal

The kids desire to snack all the time 

Beating myself up for not having the new routine perfected 

Fear that I am not maximizing this time and that I will be regretful that I/we didn’t do more 

Final thoughts- As I thought of all these new challenges and my stress was rising I wondered if anyone else is struggling with these types of things.  Then I came back to the question, why do I have this need to be productive and perfect? This is something that we have not lived through before, why would I have this figured out and do I really NEED to have it figured out?  After a discussion in my head with the Lord I decided to extend myself some grace, as Christ does every minute of every day for me. I don’t have to have this figured out. I just need to keep living each day for the Lord and do what I know He wants me to do and we will be alright.  Do you need to give yourself some grace today? 

3 thoughts on “Day 8 March 24th

  1. Maybe have them make a fort in the living room or one of their rooms and let them sleep there, and maybe you too.
    I can’t really think of any other ideas that you can do since you can’t go anywhere. 😦

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  2. Jenni, I’m glad you’re giving yourself some grace. I’m also working on not being productive all the time. I still have regrets afterwards, but the time I spend kicking myself in the butt gets shorter and shorter, so maybe I’m making some progress.


  3. I planned on slacking as much as possible during my “maternity leave” this time because all the others have been the exact opposite and it’s been wonderful and perfect. Other than trying to pull-start a pressure washer the other day, and pushing my recovery back a few days, this has been the best postpartum time I’ve ever had. Gearing myself up mentally for next week and going back to normal. I may need to steal some of your need to be productive 🙂

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