Day 10 March 26th

 I had a beautiful run this morning! I was so grateful I am still able to go outside and not confined to my house and yard.  I spent a lot of my God time in prayer and thanksgiving. I am so grateful for what I have in this situation and that my family can be safe with me in our warm home with plenty of food. As the number of those infected rises across the world, I just want to stay focused on a heart of gratitude because I have no reason not to be! 

Job is still complaining about his situation in chapter 10.  But now he has made it clear that he will be letting it all out, he is no longer holding back his feelings.  He even says he will “speak in the bitterness of my soul” vs 10:1. As the chapter goes on, I see that Job has only considered this as punishment and oppression, it has not even crossed his mind that this could be for purification and improvement of his character.  I get it! I have had many situations in my life where I felt the same exact way, crying out to God “why me” and in the end it only made me stronger and increased my faith and my relationship with the Lord. 

Today is the last day of the kids distance learning and my work for 10 days! We start spring break tomorrow! I am so excited for the break from school stuff! Also with spring break comes a bit of sadness remembering that we are not able to take our trip that we had planned.  We are still racking our brains trying to think of things to do for fun during that time, other than the many house renovations we have planned.  

Parker was able to chat with his whole class and teacher on zoom today. He loved seeing them all.  They are so precious! She allowed them to all talk at once and it was hilarious! This made his day!

This afternoon for my daily zoom chat with my students, I took them on a “walk”.  What that means is I walked around the neighborhood while chatting with them on Zoom. They all stayed in their houses, bums!;)

While on our walk we discussed things we can do at home for spring break, what we are doing to cope with this hard time, what they miss about school and their favorite thing about being home.  I love hearing from them. Teens really have so much to offer us old people lol! I love my students.  

While we were out we saw these drawings.  They were both funny and sad at the same time.  This is where we are at the moment, this is the reality we live in right now. It is still hard to grasp.

I had several things to finish up for work that took me into the evening and the kids stayed busy. Over the span of over 4 hours the kids played non-stop and didn’t fight once! For about half the time they played school again and the other half they pretended they were the BoxCar Children.  This brought me hope for their sibling relationship. We have had so many issues with them fighting and getting along and seeing each other as friends lately. Perhaps this isolation will be just what they need to build stronger, loving relationships with each other? 

Final thoughts and challenge: Today I just had so much to be grateful for.  I realize in my day to day life, pre-virus, I did not notice the blessings in my life as much as I do now.  Slowing down and assessing what is truly important has really made me see that I am missing out on so much, including the opportunity to be grateful.  I guess I was too busy to see it before. 

What about you? Are you seeing the good in this bad situation? In what way have you been blessed and can you focus on that gratefulness?

One thought on “Day 10 March 26th

  1. I’m seeing a lot of kindness in the world. People offering help where they can. So many people offering free music lessons, art lessons, drawing classes, reading their books aloud so the kids can listen, etc. JT was able to have two days off, we loved having the extra time with him!

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