Day 11 March 27th

We are officially on spring break!! This morning, as I was having my God time, Parker came downstairs. I told him he needed to go back upstairs to read or sit quietly next to me until I finished and he said he would sit by me and have his Bella time.  Bella is our dog😂 Parker loves his Bella! He is just the sweetest lately! 

My reading today was Job 15. Job’s friend Eliphaz is not much of a comforter and does not have very sound advice, although Eliphaz would argue he is very wise.  Overall he tells Job that he is a wicked man and this trial he is going through is due to his sinning. He believes that job is attacking God with his complaints and even says that Job is sinning by doing that.

What Job needs here is a friend to come alongside him and walk in his pain with him.  He needs comfort, support and someone to encourage him. Rather he has friends who keep shaming him and trying to convince him that he has sinned, when in reality he has not.  I looked ahead a bit and even Job says at the beginning of chapter 16 “…miserable comforters are you all”. I pray the Lord will help me bring comfort to people I help. May I not be condemning!

Today the kids played Boxcar kids again but this time for 5 hours! They transformed their playhouse even further to be their safe shelter.  They kept coming in to gather more supplies. I was trying really hard to stay calm, thinking about how much work it was going to be to put everything back.  I talked myself down and chose to enjoy them enjoying themselves.  

We had groceries delivered from Aldi today! I am pleased to say it went very well.  We sanitized everything and have a full pantry and fridge! So grateful:) 

In the early afternoon I found out that one of the principals I worked for was in the ICU with the virus. This is my first experience with knowing someone who is battling for their life.  It is a terrifying feeling. I will continue to pray for our world and all those hurting in it. Once again I am so thankful for my safe home, a place of respite and protection. 

In the evening Addie made us her version of strawberry shortcake! YUMM! I have been allowing a few more special treats than normal to add some excitement to our days. LOL!

Also a local rock station had a city wide sing-a-long honoring the first responders, police and healthcare workers and saying thank you to them.  They played the National Anthem followed by We Are the Champions. I am pretty sure we were the only people on our street participating lol! It was nice to show support anyway. 

Final thoughts, as I was listening to We Are The Champions, I know it was a tribute to those working so hard for us on the front lines, but I couldn’t help but to reflect on the words.  This song is used so much in the world of athletics and, to me, seems to be the mindset of American’s in general.  

For whatever reason it hit me that America is not the champion right now, we are all on level ground, the whole world against this virus.  No one is exempt, no one has the upper hand, no one has the cure or the answers. I think this is a very interesting place to be, especially when you live in a society that almost always has immediate help and answers.  

I personally do not think the US is any better than any other country but I do recognize our general sense of entitlement and the attitude that we are superior.  I wonder if this is why so many people are freaking out, or feeling angry and unsettled? Never, in our lifetime, has our country been so helpless or faced this type of adversity.  What will we do with this? How will we bounce back? Will things ever be the same again, and if not, will things change for the better? Perhaps we come out in the end feeling humbled and a sense of gratitude that we have never had.  Perhaps we will be more relationship focused and less agenda focused. Maybe this pandemic could be used to purify our nation. Maybe?

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