Day 16 April 1st

I stayed up way too late! We started watching that dumb Tiger King show.  I watched as I ordered groceries from multiple stores. Nancy says we need to stock up. She is fearful food will be scarce soon.  

After my workout I grabbed my coffee and started my God time.  Back in Job, in Job 20 Zophar is preaching about the wicked man.  The whole chapter is talking about the characteristics of a wicked man and implying that Job is one.  One thing that I don’t quite get about these friends of Job is why they keep going at Job like this and not even acknowledging their own brokenness and that they are sinful as well.  Isn’t every man a wicked man? I am just so frustrated that he did not have one person come alongside him and at least try to comfort him. Maybe this is the intention of his friends but they are horrible at it!  Maybe it will come, I still have 24 chapters to read. I don’t know all the details of the story of Job but I do know that in the end God wins! 

I worked on paying bills and doing some more stuff for my dad today and a lot of my day was spent sanitizing groceries and packages that were coming in waves. The neighbors probably think we are nuts! We wore plastic gloves and sprayed the grocery bags before bringing them in and then wiped everything down once they were in.  I have one more delivery from Cotsco tomorrow 🙂

The girls spent a long time on Zoom with their cousins again but this time doing a bible study. I did a second workout with my trainer live during that time! When I walked in to check on them after my workout they were all taking turns praying together 🙂 my heart was full! Parker hung out with Aaron. 

We went to the same place for our evening walk but this time the kids rolled on the slight hill there and created an obstacle course in the parking lot using the curb and painted handicap sign on the blacktop. I timed them as they tried to get the best time and beat their previous time. Addie played some more handicap sign basketball:) 

For the evening we set up camp! We ate dinner at the “drive in movies”and had s’mores! We watched “Heavy Weights”.  The kids got the tent all set up and organized with their bedding. I took the couch. This seemed like such a simple idea but they were so excited and were beaming! It was an eye opener that we don’t have to do extravagant things for them to have fun and be joyful! It was a very special time for us!

Final thoughts and challenge: Thinking about the last few days of the kids playing and our creative activities, I am realizing that we have so much in our life that we do not NEED.  Also I am thinking about our activities that we normally chose to do for fun or family time, really are not that great for quality time. We are getting so much time together that I feel that we have been missing out all this time! I hope that when/if things ever go back to normal we once knew that we will keep this in mind and change the way we do things and keep this focus on relationships.  

What are you noticing that you might be able to live without that you were not sure you could live without pre-virus? Have you found anything yet that you hope to make a permanent change for you and your family? 

3 thoughts on “Day 16 April 1st

  1. The tent and smores were an awesome idea and looks so fun! We are eating out a lot less since this started and I’d love to continue that when this is all over.

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