Day 18 April 3rd

Beautiful morning and it was a  beautiful day! I wanted us to be outside as much as possible today, although I had an indoor workout. 

For my God time I was reading Job 22- After Jobs’ revelation that God’s testing and life hardship doesn’t always equate with sinfulness, he is hopeful that his friends will understand that he is not being punished by God due to some unconfessed sin. Unfortunately Eliphaz does not get it! In this chapter he still implies to Job that he is not righteous and wants Job to admit he is a sinner.  He cannot accept the fact that Job is a righteous man because he does not equate righteousness with punishment. In his eyes it just cannot be. 

I think there are people today who still believe in this retribution theology. Basically believing that good deeds are always rewarded and bad deeds are always punished. I feel this would be a stressful way to live. Always trying to earn my way, trying to “be good” and believing I will be rewarded for it. The fact is that no one can be good all the time and at some point (most likely multiple times a day) we are going to sin.  Thankfully we don’t have to be perfect or work our way to the blessings and forgiveness. It’s already been done. The blood of Christ makes us whole and saves us and we no longer have to earn our way or acceptance. 

This morning Alaina and Parker enjoyed playing with legos for quite a while! The girls had their bible study with their girl cousins again and then Parker visited with the boys! It’s so funny to hear the difference in conversation between the boys and the girls. 

Parker was riding his bike and rode by and yelled “ mommy I saw two dragonflies! That means it’s getting warmer!” Yes it is buddy! He then rode by and said “I think I saw a hummingbird” “I saw this weird bird that was yellow!”  He is just blessing my heart lately with his cuteness! I think it is the extra time I have with him that is allowing me to see his personality more clearly. He is just so fun to sit and watch. I am one blessed mama! 

The girls had this great idea to use chalk to decorate the picnic table in the backyard.  It turned out pretty cute. They even put hairspray on it so it would stay longer. For lunch they were able to eat lunch on it:) 

Aaron and I took some time together to sit on the porch in the sunshine just the two of us. 

After this time, Aaron brought Clouse out to play in the sun! He was chomping on the leafy grass and seemed to enjoy himself.  

We decided to order a basketball hoop for the kids so they have something to do as a form of exercise.  They have been riding their bikes a little but I know they need other ways to get their energy out. We ordered it at Target so we could do the drive up service.  We don’t have to touch anyone or really talk to anyone up close. I ordered a couple of easter gifts while I was at it. Aaron and I were able to leave the kids home and go out together, just the two of us, to drive to Target and back! It was nice to have some alone time without the kids.  I think we should do this every few days, maybe just go for a 20 minute drive to be by ourselves. Otherwise we won’t get alone time for a long time! 

When we returned we began to assemble the basketball hoop! This was quite the relationship building activity! By the time we completed it we had spent over 3 hours putting it together.  So it was dark! That did not stop the kids:) They tried it out anyway! 

Final thoughts and challenge:  I have been thinking about how we are using our time and spending our time though this pandemic and wondered for a brief moment, is it okay to enjoy ourselves during this time?  It is insulting for us to purchase things for our kids to keep them engaged and entertained? If it is not, what is the alternative? I happen to know what the alternative would be.  It would be deep depression, grief, anger, frustration, poor family relationships and the list goes on and on.
Today during the governor’s address, he had a mental health professional on talking about the alarming change in mental health statistics.  She was talking about how many more people were calling the gambling hotline, the addiction hotline and the hotline for self harm and suicidal thoughts.  All of these places were seeing numbers that were astronomical, more than they have ever seen before. They gave a lot of good resources for people who are struggling. 

This really encouraged me to continue doing what we are for our family.  If we can keep bringing joy to each day, we can protect our mental health while we are isolated to protect our physical health.

What can you do to be sure your family is staying joyful in this time? What can you do to protect yourself from depression and the darkness that is so easy to find during something like this?  If you are alone, have you found someone to call each day and to share this experience with? I know I wrote about this a few days ago, but if you are struggling please reach out! Get help! If you do not know how to get help, please send me a message I will point you in the right direction.  Take care of yourself and your family.

One thought on “Day 18 April 3rd

  1. Our kids have been asking for a basketball hoop! It sounds like you’ve been doing a great job bringing joy to your days, I agree completely that it is so important! We’ve been going on a lot of walks and bike rides to get out of the house and get moving. The boys are outside hours a day but I make sure the girls get out for a while too. I’m so thankful this happened when it wasn’t winter!!

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