Day 20 April 5th

Today was a rest day for me so I had some extra God time.  I reflected on Psalm 118. It is a praise written to God for his everlasting mercy.  Over and over it states “His mercy endures forever”! Through all of this, his mercy will endure.  He is with me during this hard time. The author proclaims that when he called on the Lord in distress, he answered him and set him free.  He also states it is better to trust the Lord than to put our confidence in men. What a good reminder in the time when we have so much information coming at us from every direction and it is so hard to know what is true. 

This morning my cousin from a mile away came over and brought her coffee and sat in my driveway, way more than 6 feet away:)  We had such a nice chat and got to catch up a bit. This is my cousin that pre-virus I would see every day, sometimes multiple times.  Since the isolation, we have not been together at all. It has been very hard! This was such a blessing! 

We watched Church together after I visited with my cousin and then went for a family walk.  We found a hill in the neighborhood that we did not know about. The kids loved it ! They were rolling down the hill over and over. When we got back Aaron and I had some time together on the porch to relax while the kids did crafts, and played basketball. 

After relaxing on the porch I started loading up the car with some of our stuff that we wanted to take to the storage unit, at that time we had surprise visitors! Some of my family from Michigan showed up to sit on our lawn and visit.  They drove all the way down (about an hour and half) just to sit outside on the lawn and see us for an hour! We were shocked and so very thankful. It took the kids a bit to realize what was happening. We have been so cooped up with seeing only our same faces every day, it was shocking that anyone else was around.  It was great to see them and catch up in person. The kids played charades with my teenage sisters since it was the only game they could think of doing from a distance. They had a blast! 

After they left the kids were a little upset because they didn’t get to hug the family or play with them directly or hold the baby but they were very thankful they got to see them.

After they left I finished loading up the car and took the stuff to storage.  I think overall it was a lazy kind of day. One thing I really noticed was how many of my neighbors in the neighborhood were home.  Many were out on their front lawns. I was glad to see that people were staying home and safe! 

Final thoughts and challenge:  I am noticing a bit of a breakdown in our family here and there during the day.  I have at least one of my kids having a hard day now and Aaron and I are struggling ourselves at times. Nancy and Sarah seem to be doing okay still. So far we are fortunate that we haven’t all been in a funk at the same time.  I am trying to take notice when I see someone upset or down and spending some time helping them work through that. Sometimes it is me and I just have to get myself to the other side of darkness. I feel this will become more frequent.  It just seems like something that naturally happens from being isolated. I pray I can continue to see this in each of my kids and help them through it and also see when the adults in the house need a little extra attention too.  

Do you see this in you or your family?  Is there any way you can help someone who seems to be having a down moment? Do you need help to get through a slump?  Please make sure everyone is getting the help they need!! 

One thought on “Day 20 April 5th

  1. That’s so awesome!! I’m so glad you guys got to visit together. And the surprise visit from everyone! I didn’t know they were doing that!


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