Day 25 April 10th

I had another beautiful run this morning. The moon was full when I woke up and the sun was rising when I got home.  It was a bit cold…less than 30 degrees but I stayed warm 🙂

It is Friday! This means a couple of things…first, it is cereal day! My favorite day! I think I mentioned it before but I don’t have to make breakfast for anyone but myself and can just relax a little while the kids get their own food! Second, the kids do not have school on Fridays AND third, I do not have to work today because today is a very special Friday.  It is Good Friday! 

It seems odd to call this day Good Friday but I totally get it from the standpoint of someone who directly benefits from the events of that day!  The death of Jesus on that day is what has given me life and hope today! It really is a horrifically sad event, if you really look at the details but with every strike and thorn comes something so beautiful that even Jesus as he endures it knows it is worth it.  He gave his life for me…for YOU! So our sins could be washed clean and forgotten by God, allowing us to have a relationship with Him and spend eternity by His side. What freedom we have and can have! We no longer have to be bound by our chains of anger, resentment, addiction, inadequacy, depression, our brokenness and list goes on! We can be free! 

This morning Addie and I finished up a few things that we didn’t get done yesterday and other than that the kids just chilled and did whatever they wanted, which was tv and video games.  That ended after lunch:) After lunch Parker gave our hamster, Pickle Squeakers, a ride on the skateboard and then joined the girls who were playing outside. They said they were playing a game where they pretend to be poor.  They were very well off for being poor! While they were outside I was so blessed to be able to put together my new bike that was delivered way earlier than expected! 

After the kids came in Addie and I started her room remodel. This room is one of the worst in the house because of its walls.  This was something we walked in to when we moved in. Nancy had gone up there to try to help but it got a little out of hand and it only got worse :/ So anyway we worked together for several hours! We were blaring the worship music and praising Jesus together!  We sang and danced and sanded and painted! It was one of the most special moments I have had with her. She really is such a hard worker and loves to learn new things. Today she learned to patch walls, sand, how to tape off trim and how to paint with a roller.  She painted all the walls that needed to be painted while I did other things around the room! We got a lot accomplished while growing our relationship. I will have to post before and after pics when it is done! 

In the evening I kept working, it is really hard for me to stop once I start. I even forgot to eat and go to the bathroom! I hate stopping once I get a project started.  Aaron made dinner for him and the kids, pizza of course! LOL The watched what was supposed to be the final Lego Masters but apparently they let them all go one for one more episode.  Since Addie’s room was still torn up and Parker’s was filled with all of Addie’s stuff they kids got to have a sleepover in Alaina’s room. Addie read to them before they went to sleep. 

Final thoughts and challenge: Today my thoughts came back to Jesus and the sacrifice he made for us.  The songs Addie and I were listening to were just random but almost all of them had the same theme, forgiveness, freedom and his sacrifice for us.  It made it so easy for me to maintain a mindset of praise! This freedom is what helps me to stay fearless during this time. I have struggled with many things in the past three weeks but not once have I been fearful of death or getting ill.  I just know I am secure no matter what. Even if I get the virus, I will be okay dead or alive all because of Jesus dying on the cross! 

Do you have this assurance?  Can you lean on this for your comfort and your security? If not, would you like to have this security or maybe you are not sure about all this God stuff I talk about all the time?  That’s okay! Maybe this weekend you can do a little searching to see what Easter is really about. Perhaps you will find something to fill that void you have or that missing piece of your life that you have been looking for.  As always, please let me know if you need to talk!!  

2 thoughts on “Day 25 April 10th

  1. The time with Addie sounds so great! I really need to let the girls do more things even when I feel like it would just be easier/quicker/cleaner to do it myself!! I give myself a lot of excuses to just do it myself and not include them. 😦 Thanks for the encouragement.


    1. Oh goodness! I do too! It is hard to remember they need to learn how to do stuff too! LOL One day Addie wanted to help by loading and starting the dishwasher so she surprised me and did it! As soon as she told me I realized I had never stopped to teach her what soap to use and sure enough she used regular dish soap! It was funny but also a reminder that I need to slow down and teach them life skills!


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