Day 27 April 12th

HE IS RISEN!! It is Easter! I am so excited to celebrate with my family and worship the Lord! 

This morning I hopped out of bed and got right to work on breakfast casserole.  I made three different ones to accomodate for all the different diets in this house! LOL I had some quiet time to reflect on the reason for this day and then started some worship music.  Google Play had a special playlist called “Rise Up” just for Easter! 

This morning the kids were up bright and early, I think a little after 6 actually! They were so excited to start the day. I told them they were not allowed downstairs until 8:00. They came down at that time on the dot! We made homemade donuts and then ate breakfast as a family while discussing the account of Christ’s death and resurrection and reflected on what that means for us now. The kids drove the whole conversation and knew every last detail! It warmed my heart. Of course after breakfast they were very ready for the Easter egg hunt and their treat baskets lol! 

It was so fun to see them hunt for the 6 eggs a piece that we hid. They had so much joy on their faces. I think it was just what they needed today. A special day! Something fun to look forward to! Not much happening like this these days:(. Parker and I also played with his new bubbles! 

After the egg hunt, Aaron napped, the kids watched Trolls 2 again and I made lunch and a treat for later.  In the early evening we decorated eggs and took a nice walk/bike ride and had a nice dinner. 

Overall it was a very beautiful day of celebration, very relaxing and non-stressful. The kids said it was the best Easter yet! I guess simple is not so bad after all. 

Final thoughts and challenge: This was the most reflective Easter that I can remember.  I think that being forced to be home offered a great blessing. It was just so special to share the excitement of the day together.  I noticed the smiles on the kids faces, my attention was fully on them and Aaron and the purpose of the day. I didn’t get lost in the busyness of the day or making sure the party was going okay or that food was made and so on. It was really freeing.  It was a new way to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus! We really enjoyed it. I pray I remember this in the future! 

What about you? How did your Easter go? Did you notice it was easier to worship by being made to be home? Did you enjoy Easter in isolation?

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