Day 30 April 15th

I finally got up at the time I wanted to so I got my workout done and my God time in and a full cup of coffee before the kids got up. I love the early morning! It is so refreshing to my soul. 

In my devotional the author quoted Ecclesiastes 2:1-3.  I am not sure if you know much about Ecclesiastes but there is a lot of pointing out how quickly life comes and goes and how much of what we do and worry about is meaningless, especially without God.  This verse talks about testing to find what is good and pleasurable just to find it was meaningless and nothing fulfilled the authors desire.  

This made me think of what is happening right now as most people are home and stuck with facing relationship issues that they have been avoiding, or found alone with their thoughts or pain of the past.  There is a new epidemic rising and that is those who are searching to find some happiness or distraction from what is staring at them in the face. Alcohol sales are through the roof, substance abuse call lines have seen an incredible increase in calls as have the gambling lines and the amount of people calling the suicide help line is also off the charts. Everyone is searching for something!  The problem is, the void they are trying to fill, can only be truly filled by the love of God. 

It’s Wednesday so the kids have “recommended” learning today.  They spent most of the morning catching up on reading and playing with Legos together for a while. I had several meetings and tons of work to do today. 

After work I spent some time on the phone with my dad helping with paying his medical bills and such. He said he was asked to come to work today and tomorrow but they allowed him to opt out. I’m so glad he chose to do so! He would not fare too well if he got the virus. So it’s best if he just stays home! 

We discussed the massive riots that are happening in Michigan due to the strict mandates and stay at home order.  Regardless of what they were rioting for, they only just made things so much worse for the state. I can’t imagine how many more people will be sick from that one situation, causing everything to take longer to get back to normal.  This is not the only place things like this are happening. This is what happens when you say no to an over indulgent country. Honestly I am embarrassed but at the same time I can understand where they are coming from, but at the end of the day we all have a responsibility to do our part in working together to save lives and get through this. 

It’s even colder today! The kids rode their bikes for our walk today so they didn’t mind the cold as much.  They rode in a different area today as Aaron and I stood and froze. It was a pretty uneventful evening. After dinner the kids just wanted to relax and watch a movie. I started building Addie’s new bed to put in her newly painted and updated room:) 

Final thoughts and challenge: After the kids were in bed and I was finishing up Addie’s bed I was participating in my fitness group roundtable on Zoom.  My coach’s topic was “Mindset during the Coronavirus Season”. It was so good to hear what the other ladies were struggling with. Kathy asked a question about why are you doing what you are doing? As in if you are eating more sweets than you would like or if you are avoiding things or not working out etc.  She challenged us to find the root of why we are going back to old habits or why we are doing what we didn’t want to do. I had been asking myself this question, just today! 

I’m realizing that I am dreading my workouts and that has never really happened before, I have been wanting to reach for foods that I don’t even really care for and I am feeling less ambitious overall.  I am not sure what is happening! I like to think of myself as a pretty go-get-em kind of person. Goals are my focus and I am always working toward something, or should I say I am always working. I don’t know what to do with these new found feelings.  My question to myself is, what if this sticks? What if I never go back to exactly who I was before all this? Would that really be so bad? I don’t know. I can’t even tell you why I am feeling these ways. Perhaps there is such a thing as Coronabrain! 

Do you have Coronabrain? Are you changing in ways that you would have never thought? Does that scare you? Have you considered, maybe it won’t be so bad to go with it? I am not convinced of that for myself yet but maybe given enough time, I could be persuaded!

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