Day 32 April 17th

This morning when my alarm went off I wanted to fall back asleep and then I remembered how much I miss my alone time before the kids get up! So I chanted to myself “get up, I want the alone time” over and over! I finally hopped out of bed and it was earlier than it has been in several weeks! I changed up my workout and did a recorded live workout with my fitness group and I felt so much better! I did not dread it! I think that will be a change I make moving forward, at least until I can go to the gym instead! It is so fun to see the faces of my support group struggling through a workout with me:) 

I was able to get a good amount of alone time after my workout! I spent time praying, reading my bible and journaling. Today I read Job 32 and 33.  There is a new guy on the scene! Elihu is a young man who has been sitting around watching and waiting for Job and his three friends to come up with some sort of wisdom about Job’s situation. Now that the three friends are out of the picture he bravely steps up to share the wisdom he feels God has given him to share with Job. He is actually a little angry about the lack of compassion Job’s friends had for Job. He points out the fact that older men are not always wiser and that God can use young people too to bring wisdom.  He shares that man’s wisdom is not greater than God’s and God can impart his wisdom on anyone at any time.  

Elihu then starts to speak to Job about his situation. He is not condemning in any way and does not even accuse him of sinning but does point out that we do not always understand God’s ways but that God can redeem this situation and bring healing to Job.  He even points to some of Job’s trials as blessings such as his dreams that are keeping him up at night. He suggests maybe God gives those to him as a warning. Elihu does not make any claims as to why Job is going through what he is going through but just points out the grace of God and encourages Job.  

What I really enjoyed about these verses was the fact that Elihu makes an argument about how God made young people too and therefore can give them wisdom to share with older people.  It is so true that older does not always mean wiser. If you don’t believe me, sit in on a conversation with my 10 year old as she unknowingly puts me in my place about any certain topic in life.  God can certainly use the young to speak wisdom to the old! 

After the kids got up and situated with a breakfast and movie I started working. It is amazing how much work I still have to do being home! I usually end up working more hours than when I go into the school building. Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful to be working from home! 

After the movie was done the kids and we took advantage of Aaron still being in bed to plan his birthday, which is Monday. I have been really struggling with having ideas of what to do. He is a very media driven guy so it is hard to find things that will be exciting to him otherwise. But with the kids help we have all of Monday planned and it should be a very special day for him!  I will tell you all about it on Monday:) 

I had several zoom meetings today, including the one with my students. Today was extra fun and special because we played games together! I loved connecting with them in this way. We played Would you Rather so I got to know more about them at the same time:)

During one of my zoom meetings the kids enjoyed the snow that had fallen. It was falling all day and it was perfect packing now! They made a huge snowball! 

When they were finished they came in and enjoyed some hot chocolate and some Animal Crossing. After dinner I worked in Addie’s room again. In the evening I had a zoom social hour with my fitness group. It was so fun and much needed! We played games and chatted and got to know each other even more. I am so thankful for these women! It was an interesting way to hang out. It made me realize how much I miss getting together with friends to do things in person but I am thankful to have another way to still connect.

Final thoughts and challenge: When I think about all the wisdom God has spoken through my children I wonder if I have learned more from them about myself then ever before having them! I am especially learning a lot during this time of isolation.  It has been so interesting to see how they are responding to all of this. A child’s perspective is something so innocent and honest. Obviously they do not have the hardships that a lot of the adults do right now with possible job loss, uncertainty of finances and keeping food on the table but as a child they have their own loss and uncertainty and when they feel these feelings, it is the same as when we feel them.

Just this morning Parker was asking me about some of our summer plans and asked if I thought we could still do them. I could only answer “I don’t know”.  He then began to cry and asked “mommy when is all of this going to be over?”. The best I could do is cry with him and say “I don’t know buddy”. Imagine how our kids feel right now when even their parents and guardians, the people who always seem to have it together and have the answers, have no clue.  That is a terrifying thing to them. This is a great time for them to learn that no one has all the answers and sometimes life is uncertain, even for the most well put together adults. 

Do you have children who are struggling? Or maybe they just need your hugs and reassurance that you are in this together no matter what.  Is there something you can learn from your child/children during this time? Hold them tight and take it one day at a time. We don’t have to have it all figured out!

2 thoughts on “Day 32 April 17th

  1. It’s a good thing we don’t have to have it all figured out! I miss the kids I ordinarily work with, I am sure they would have lots to say about this pandemic. Some of it might even be useful! Thanks for posting!


  2. Emma is the only one struggling with not getting out of the house. We’ve been taking her on small errands with us where she can sit in the car; the post office, Jt had to go to his bosses house last night to get some keys, etc. It has helped her a lot!

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