Day 39 April 24th

My body is so sore from all my extra workouts and miles this week! I feel like an old woman. I decided to do some yoga this morning to stretch out my muscles a little and then did the live workout with my fitness group later in the morning.  I hit my 300th workout! This has been since I have had the Trainerize app and that does not even include my runs:)

During my God time this morning I spent some time trying to decide what book of the Bible to read next. There are so many good choices. I am deciding between Romans and John. I have a love/hate relationship with Romans. In college I took the course…a couple of times. I failed it because the professor and I did not agree on our interpretation of the text.  This left a bad taste in my mouth about the book. However I have been wanting to challenge myself to go back, reread and really see what it is saying without the pressure of getting a grade hanging over my head! 

John is just such a good book to get to know Jesus better and I just love learning more about Jesus! Sometimes I skim through the Bible just looking for the red letters to see what he had to say! However I have read this book over and over and might want more of a challenge. I’m going to think it over and start on one of them tomorrow:) 

Today is Friday which means cereal for breakfast and extra God time! Also this evening I officially declared Friday, Free Choice Friday. This means that all day on Fridays, for all meals, the kids can have what they want! This is not too much of a risk considering we really don’t have too much in the way of unclean food. 🙂 This will give me a break from cooking 3 meals a day! Although Aaron has been helping with lunches since I have my zoom meeting during that time! I am very thankful for that! But this is the most consecutive days that I have made meals and I am getting tired! It’s very sad! I am ashamed that I am so tired of it lol! 

Today during the day I worked and the kids played and aunt Sarah even joined them!  Even though I had a lot of work to do I appreciate Friday so much! The kids have no school and I can focus on my job only! I also was on hold again for several hours with unemployment still trying to resolve my dad’s issue.  I still cannot file for him:/ 

While I was waiting for someone to answer Alaina and I took a bike ride.  She wanted to go to the parking lot that we have been going to and sit on the steps and talk. She really struggled today so she needed some alone time with me. Her mood was so much better after we spent that little time together.  

When we returned unemployment finally answered. He had no idea how to help me so he had me leave my number on the call back number. The recording said I would be called back within 24 hours.  I was dealing with this while trying to get the kids ready to go to do a drive by of Alaina and Addie’s teachers houses.  The girls made signs and we headed out. It was a very special moment for both teachers. However, right as we were about to drive by the first teachers’ house, unemployment called me back so I had to get my dad on the line and totally missed the special moment with Alaina’s teacher:/  I was off the phone in time to enjoy driving by Addie’s teacher’s house.  

A couple of things to note about this drive by experience.  First, as the emails were going back and forth to coordinate the drive by, so many parents were excited to have something to look forward to.  It was both funny and sad at the same time.  I totally get it! Most people have had nothing to look forward to in so many weeks.  

Second, when I was talking to Alaina about doing this for her teacher she was explaining that she just didn’t want to go because she wanted to stay home and eat dinner and just be home.  She said that being home has made her not want to go out any more! This was CRAZY! This is my kid that always wanted to go out before.  This just adds to my concern about the adjustment to returning to “normal” life. 

And lastly, I felt joy doing this for the teachers but I did tear up thinking about how strange this is. We are literally driving by a person’s house to waive to them through the window to show that we miss them and love them.  I think it was just a harsh reminder of the effect this virus is having on us socially and relationally.  It is just sad.

Final thoughts and challenge:  I have had a wave of emotions today. The best I can describe it is a twilight zone feeling.  I feel like this is all surreal. It feels like it will never be over but will be over before we know it. I feel like we can escape this whole situation without getting sick but at the same time I feel we are bound to get it eventually, especially when they lift restrictions. I feel a little stir crazy but at the same time an incredible amount of peace just being still in the home. I feel that we are doing a good job at keeping our family safe and positive and then again I feel like we are not doing enough and should be doing more activities together.  Do you see my confusion? 

Do you have days like these or am I crazy? At this point I think there really is no expected response to this pandemic.  It feels it is a “to each their own” type of situation. So don’t feel bad if you can’t relate with what I am feeling and if you do, good, it makes me feel more normal! LOL!

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