Day 44 April 29th

I woke up for another beautiful walk! The cool breeze on my face was so refreshing and helped wake me up. I walked the same path as our bike ride yesterday since it was so peaceful! Parker joined me for the daily live workout with my fitness group! 

I returned from my walk a little early so I had some extra God time. In Romans 4, Paul emphasizes even more that we are justified by faith not works. He uses Abraham as an example. He had so many good works to boast about but the scripture tells us his belief in God was credited to him as righteousness. He also discusses the fact that Abraham was justified before being circumcised, due to his faith. Paul really drives home that no amount of work we do will justify us or make us righteous, rather it’s more simple, just having faith in Jesus saving grace is all it takes! 

The kids had an easy school day, it is Wednesday so it is an optional day.  We usually read, catch up on work and study for tests. I also have them choose 3 activities from their recommended assignments.  Alaina attempted origami for art and Parker built a floating Lego boat for the STEM activity.

I was busy with work and worked until after 5:00 but I got myself more organized and made a long to do list so I had a better grip on all that needed to be done. This took away quite a bit of anxiety for me!  When I go to work I normally get out of work at 3:15 so working later is not something I have enjoyed! I have decided I don’t like being a stay at home school counselor! I really want to be with the students :/  I can get through this! 

Today I had a great time on zoom with students.  We asked challenging questions and it was so cool to learn more about them and to get them thinking! I also got to give my motivation speal! Maybe I will share that someday with you! 

Because it was a rainy day the kids had lots of screen time 😦 I am trying to be flexible about this…I am failing! Later in the evening the rain cleared up some and Aaron and I were able to take a walk alone! It was nice to be able to talk about things without the kids around. I enjoy having him to myself:) 

Final thoughts and challenge: Today I really reflected on how thankful I am to be having opportunities to connect with God’s creation and the extra time reflecting and praying. Today alone I was able to take 4 long walks! I just love the feeling of being in nature and seeing the beauty that the Lord has made. I have learned to recognize opportunities to be outside and it is proving to help clear my mind and refocus me. For example whenever I can, I walk during Zoom meetings, or while I make a phone call and I have been getting up early to add some walking and if none of that works out I just grab the family to all go along! 

Do you enjoy being outside in creation? Would you like to have more opportunities to do so?  Can you look at your day and find a time to take a quick walk? It really can help bring clarity! If all else fails, grab the whole family and force them out the door!

One thought on “Day 44 April 29th

  1. We usually wait for JT to get home to take out walk, I didn’t think about taking a walk during the day and another when he gets home. Duh! Haha Thanks for the inspiration!

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