Day 47 May 2nd

Another beautiful morning! By the time I took my run it was already 60 degrees and it was 70 by 11:00!! My heart was so full!! As I was getting ready to head out the door for my run Parker yelled for me in an all too familiar voice. I went to him and found him on the bathroom floor, he was going to be sick! There on the floor I spent the next hour with him as he got sick. Once he was feeling a little better and ready to return to sleep, I laid him in the bed with Aaron and went for a quick run. Even though I had to cut it short, I still really enjoyed it.  By the way, I won the workweek challenge! All my hard work paid off after 27 miles of walking, 9 miles of running and 5 workouts!

When I got back Alaina was up and Parker was still asleep. I went outside for my God time just soaking up the sun and warm breeze. My devotional and Romans 6 went hand in hand today.  Both discussed the freedom in Christ. We become dead to sin and alive to God, we no longer are slaves to sin but now belong to God.  When we trust in Him, we gain freedom in every way. We have no more shame, no longer forsaken but righteous and no longer desolate but a delight of God!      

When Parker woke up he was feeling better! I relaxed on the porch a little more before getting up to make lunch and mow and groom the yard. Speaking of lunch, yesterday was the first Friday that we practiced free choice for meals! By lunch all the kids were complaining about having to make their own lunch and about how much time it took. Parker even accused me of not taking care of them because I wouldn’t cook for them😂 needless to say they all agreed that they are thankful for the work I put into each meal. I don’t think they will be taking my doing so for granted anymore. 

We did sit down this afternoon and each person got to pick the meals for a day next week. The only rule was they had to be clean foods. This took a lot of pressure off of me to come up with 15 meals! I think we might continue this. Oh and the person who chose the meals for the day will help prepare them! It will be nice to get that one on one time:)

We had a surprise parade show up on our street today! It was called the New Haven Promise Parade:) It included many of the first responders and lots of people dressed in superhero costumes. It was very loud but enjoyable! It was a nice thing for our city to do for the residents. 

This evening Aaron and I built our fire pit and then we all tried it out by making s’mores! While we built the kids pretended to be homeless and lived in the box the ring came in. It was a special and fun time together! We all agreed our backyard yard is starting to look like a play land. 

Final thoughts and challenge: I was so blessed by the weather today and the ability to relax and still get outside to get some things done! The sun really gave me some much needed vitamin D! I was outside pretty much all day! It reminded me of summer! I spend almost all the days outside doing some type of project or reading or anything! I am looking forward to these days! I am also looking forward to watching the kids splash in our little pool and have lunch at the picnic table in the back. There is so much joy to be had in the summer!! 

Are there things you are looking forward to? What brings you joy in the coming days? Let’s think about and look forward to these things to help us maintain a positive focus! 

2 thoughts on “Day 47 May 2nd

  1. Good job, Jenni!! You look so tan already!!

    Sorry Parker was sick 😢

    Your fire pit looks awesome! That’s on our to-do list!

    We’re looking forward to invading mom’s new pool 😂

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