Day 48 May 3rd

It was another beautiful morning! I will never get tired of this! Because it was a rest day for me, I just took a relaxing walk. The birds were chirping loudly and the sun was shining bright! I prayed as I walked. 

When I got back Parker was stirring. I made breakfast for everyone and then headed outside to the porch to spend more time with God. I invited Paker to come along with his breakfast.  Needless to say my time with God was less focused than normal. After reading my devotional, I chatted with Parker.  We talked about flamingos, birds, and honey bees. I referenced Google many times to answer all of his questions. I love how interested he is in creation! He has such great questions and I love spending time with him! I was blessed by our time together. 

My cousin came to visit this morning again! Today it was so warm and beautiful that we were able to spread blankets on the lawn and talk that way! We made sure we had enough distance between us to be safe:) It is always so nice to visit with her! We are often on the same page and relate to each other so well. She is a great friend!  

After she got home she ordered fabric for the masks she was making and got extra for me to make mine, so I will be starting on those soon! Because we have not been going out, there hasn’t been any urgency to get this done but I would like to get them done so we have them when we need them.  Also, I would like to have the kids practice wearing them before going out in them.  I realized today,as I was reflecting on why I keep putting off the mask making, that I don’t want to have to see my kids wearing masks! It is so sad to me that this has to be a part of their life. This will be something I have to work through. 

Today was Sarah’s birthday so we had a couple of things planned for her. The kids decorated for her and we had a nice lunch and she had some requests for dinner. We enjoyed angel food cake and strawberries for her birthday treat! 

The kids used up all their screen time early in the day so they spent the remainder of the day playing outside. They seem to really love playing games where they are homeless and have to scrounge up things to keep living. It is quite interesting to watch them play. They end up taking so much stuff outside but it provides hours of entertainment for them! 

As they played I loaded up another load to take to the storage unit and then prepared Sarah’s birthday dinner. After her birthday celebration, Parker seemed to need some one-on-one time so he and I took a bike ride to our normal destination and then played catch and chatted for about an hour. It was so sweet to get even more time with him today. He talked about how he missed playgrounds (we were playing catch right next to one that was roped off), and how he missed his friend Owen. He told me about how they play football, and play in the snow together and that they pretty much do everything together all the time. He said he was his best friend but he really actually treats him more like a brother. He really misses him:( He then asked me if we could adopt a brother for him to play with! LOL He’s so cute! 

By time we returned home it was time for the kids to get ready for bed. We had told them they could have a sleepover so we pulled an extra mattress into Alaina’s room and they had some fun in there before going to sleep! I had to go to my work building to start working on changing schedules. I was anxious about this all weekend. I did not want to have to go to the building but it turns out I was able to do so without touching one door handle or anything with my hand. My personal office is pretty safe because no one has been in there except for the cleaning crew in over 40 something days so I feel safe there. I will not be going in during business hours, which means I will be working in the evenings.  This is a choice I am making to keep protecting our family. 

Final thoughts and challenge: Yesterday Aaron and I were both feeling quite anxious about the amount of people that are already out, stores opening up and such. Aaron said the chatter on Facebook is really getting to him so he may take a break from that. I am just anxious to see the impact of all of this. I know we will be safe but I worry about others and I worry about having to make hard decisions that will upset others or that will go against the grain.  However, as I was reflecting, I remembered that I have God as my rock and He is never changing. As all these things are changing around us, He remains the same.  He is my comfort and he will certainly give us wisdom.  I am trying to rest in this to get me through the next few weeks.

Where do you turn when you are anxious and uncertain?  Do you get in a funk like Aaron and I do when this anxiety hits you? How do you draw yourself out of it?

One thought on “Day 48 May 3rd

  1. So glad you were able to meet with Cortnee!! I vote for adopting a brother for Parker!! 😁

    I’m sorry you guys are feeling anxious and fearful. I turn to God when I’m feeling anxious and repeat the truth over and over again to myself. I try to catch it before I get into a funk but if I don’t I do the same thing it just typically takes a lot longer. Haha I’ll ask JT to pray for me if I get into a funk, he’s good at reminding me of the truth and encouraging me with what God says about whatever I’m anxious about.


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