Day 50 May 5th

Wow! It is day 50! I can’t believe it! I remember when we were 7 days in and we thought there was no way we could make it this long and now it seems, this is just how life always was! This is like the greatest social experiment ever! (I am a counselor so I am nerd about these things!)

This morning I woke up with a heavy feeling and still feeling upset about yesterday’s news about returning to work. I felt a pull to listen to worship music during my run. I am so glad I did! After the first song I was already feeling at peace. The song that was most impactful has a lyric in it that always hits me hard, “you’ve never failed me yet” and that could not be truer. The song is “Do it Again” by Elevation Worship.  It hit me in the face just as the cold morning wind did as I started my run. It was the reminder I needed that God is so faithful and He will see me through this no matter the end result.  After 35 minutes of worship and praying, I was feeling at peace.  My anxiety about the situation was gone and I knew God would lead the way through this issue. 

I got the kids started on their school work and then attended the counselor meeting to decide what the schedule would be like for us returning. We decided to divy up the days. For next week I would only be working 2 days and it is okay for me to stay in my office and have shortened hours.  I was okay with this! It sure beats multiple days! 

The rest of the morning and afternoon included an awful workout with my fitness group (my trainer kicked our butts), school work, work work and  zoom calls and the kids played in the rain after school was finished.  Later in the afternoon I got a call from my guidance director and she said that there was an email that just went out and we no longer have to report to work! I was so excited and stopped to thank God! 

In the evening we watched a movie during dinner and had some family time after playing drawful again. 

In reflection of our 50 days of being home, I asked each family member to sum up their experience of isolation in one word or phrase.  Here are the results: 

Aaron: “Repetitious”

Addie: “I feel trapped”

Alaina: “It is not bad being home but I really want to go out and do something”

Parker: “I just want to go to an arcade”

Nancy: “Relaxing, reading, realizing how many blessings I have and being thankful for everything people are doing for each other”

Sarah: “Taking stock of everything in life, looking at what is really important”

Final thoughts and challenge: As I think about the last 50 days I have so much to be grateful for.  We have been put in a position that all our needs are met and we can be home as a family, can continue the kids education with ease and we can all work from home and have kept our jobs. I have also had many lows and emotionally challenging times.  At the same time I have had the opportunity to see what others are experiencing during this time that is quite opposite from what we are experiencing. I am still dealing with my dad’s unemployment issue. He called me today and it has now been 6 weeks! He has no money and is desperate! I am trying my hardest but the state is just not helping in a timely manner.  

I talk with my students daily and see what they and their parents are going through and it is so sad. I have other family members who have had to file unemployment and have had fear of losing health care or even their job! I see the pain across the nation and these things are not even having to directly with the virus itself! I think the fall out of the virus is worse than the virus itself. 

I mention all of this as a reminder that we are all in different situations and we all have struggles during this time. I do not think there is a right or a wrong way to respond in this epidemic and I don’t think we should minimize anyone’s pain! We are trying to survive and adapt to a new normal. I pray daily for our world as we all experience pain and suffering in some way or another. 

Take some time to reflect on the last 50 days. What is one word or phrase you would use to describe it?

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