Day 52 May 7th

The sun was showing its beautiful face this morning during my run. My run seemed extra hard today. My body is getting tired from the extra workouts and walks. I did a workout with my group live as well! 

My God time cut short this morning but I listened to an awesome podcast that my cousin sent me while I ran. It is from Bridgetown Church from Portland. The podcast is called “Holy Uncertainty”. It is about 45 minutes but so worth a listen! Pastor John Mark Comer addresses our need to want to control everything during this time of uncertainty and trauma.  He talks about how we are invited to do three things during this time. First to lean into God’s presence and trust in Him, pray and seek him and choose him as our guide. Second to live gratefully one day at a time, accepting His providing for us for this day and lastly let God form us into people who are ready for whatever is next in our life. 

Today was the last day of school for this week for the kids, almost all of us had zoom calls today. Only 8 more school days to go and two of them are recommended. The kids took forever to get their work done despite my effort to keep them moving quickly. 

I had training late in the day and walked during it to get some fresh air. When I returned Aaron took a bike ride on his own for the same reason. I think we were both feeling cooped up today!  

I finally reached a super helpful lady from the unemployment office. We got the issue of the wrong birthdate resolved but after I hung up I got another error! Luckily I had her direct email and was able to email her. Now I wait again! My Dad is getting very angry! The blessing in all of this is my dad and I talk more than we ever have and even had a nice talk this morning about things other than unemployment and unpaid bills. 

Today Nancy shared with me that it seems the virus has mutated and that there are many children in the US that are showing up with it. I usually get my news from her now since I stopped watching mostly.  This is so sad! I will be praying for these children! On top of this I keep getting emails from so many places reopening, it makes me anxious. My cousin said she was out to Joanne’s for the curbside delivery the first day we reopened and there were lines out doors and lots of people and very little masks being worn. I think people are misjudging the safety of our city and state. 

The kids used up screen time early in the day so they played all afternoon then after dinner we watched old family videos. This brought on many emotions, two of the kids were sad and wanted to be little again and they all wanted us to have another baby. Not happening! LOL!

We put the kids to bed but, like many nights lately, they had to get up and couldn’t fall asleep and whatever else was the issue. Aaron and I are really trying to change some things with the current schedule to get some time in for just us two. Some of the issue is the kids are getting to bed too late and are waking up in the middle of the night. We are frustrated by this but we are trying to have patience and find ways to solve the problem. 

Final thoughts and challenge: Overall today was a pretty stressful day and several bits of bad news and frustration but I have been thinking of the sermon from this morning. It brought me peace and helped me to refocus on the fact that I don’t have to be in control. I can seek wisdom and then rest in where we are in this process. 

Have you been able to rest and have peace? Are you still trying to control things that you have no control over? If so, can you let some of that go?

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