Day 55 May 10th

Happy Mother’s Day! I started my day out with a walk while listening to a daily prayer meditation. It was so peaceful and I was really blessed by my time. It was a bit overcast but still enjoyable. Today is my rest day so no major workouts, I just rested my body to prepare for the week ahead! 

In my journal and prayers this morning I asked God for me not to fall into the trap of feeling that because it is mother’s day I deserve something special and I should be treated differently. I prayed that I would serve my family as I do everyday and that I would do it joyfully.  I feel that mother’s day is a great way to acknowledge mothers and thank them for all they do but I also do think it can cause a bit of selfishness that is not necessary. Anyway, I wanted to start my day out in the right mindset so I prayed for the strength to keep that mindset throughout the day. 

My day was not much different than any other day but I did have several special moments! I made breakfast for everyone and then we watched church. Addie repaired the hand on her stuffed monkey while listening. After church we started watching some clean eating Youtube videos and the kids were really getting into it. We ended up writing down about 6 recipes to try and then we ended up trying two of them! We made clean brownies and peanut butter cookies. They enjoyed them! 

After the Youtube videos I made lunch and the kids gave me my gifts! Aaron made a nice lego box to put it in and Alaina assembled the bow on top.  I got AirPods and Addie so sweetly sewed me a wallet pocket. It was such a thoughtful gift! ! I have been needing new earphones for a while now and I am excited to have a quality pair and Addie and I decided that her wallet pocket would be perfect for storing the charger cable and AirPods case. 

While we were at the table Parker noticed that we had a new member to the family. One of our butterflies emerged from our butterfly farm! Later a second one emerged! What a perfect day for them to join us. We will release them when it warms up a bit. 

After lunch the American Girl company was streaming free yoga classes for girls, moms and their American Girls so the girls and I did that together. Alaina really enjoyed it and would like to do more yoga. I am all for that so I will be looking for a way to incorporate that into her day. 

After yoga the girls were in a mood to play more with their AG dolls so they went upstairs to play.  So I took the time to do something with Parker. I let him choose the activity and of course he wanted me to play a video game with him. He has been asking me to play a game with him for a long time so I figured it was about time! We ended up having a good time and at some point the girls joined us to watch and we were all laughing! It was a special time. 

For dinner Aaron grilled chicken for us. I prepped the sides and the kids watched a Disney sing along special with Nancy while eating dinner. This allowed Aaron and I to eat our meal, just the two of us! I have to admit, it was a little weird. This is something we haven’t done in months! It was really nice:) LOL

As I was cleaning up from dinner, my mom called and I had a nice chat with her. It was nice to catch up and spend a little time with her on mother’s day.  I miss her terribly! I don’t even know when I will see her next 😦

Final thoughts and reflection: Overall today was a very nice day. I like that we were home and things were pretty relaxed. Prior years we would have gone out and that is nice but there is something special and intimate about staying home and finding fun here.  As I prayed today, I was so thankful to God that he made me the mother of my children. He specifically chose me to be their mom. 

That is true for you too if you have children. Isn’t it crazy to think that out of all the possible mother’s in the world, you were chosen for your child or children? No one else was meant to raise them! You have exactly what your children need. God gave you the ability to meet their needs in just the right way. We are blessed to have a calling of a mother, there is nothing like it. I just told my sister today, out of all the hard things I have been through and done, parenting is THE hardest but it is also the most rewarding and the biggest blessing I have ever received!

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