Day 57 May 12th

Today was beautiful! I had a hard run. It was supposed to be 4 miles but ended up being closer to 5 because I got stuck on the wrong side of the train tracks. When this happens I just keep running until the train get’s through. Then I completed an 8×8 workout with my fitness group, live! This was fun lol! Basically it was 9 moves, 8 reps each for 8 rounds. To sum it up, it was a lot! I always feel accomplished after these workouts! 

During my run, I listened to another Bridgetown Podcast. It was interesting because throughout the day as I read and listened to other things the same idea kept coming up. This focus was the fact that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for spiritual formation. This time is a chance for us to grow and mature into people of love and be in a deeper relationship with God. We can find joy, contentment and peace during this time. And as we slowly transition back to our “normal” life we can decide what in our life stays and goes. So what will stay “normal” and what new things that we learned can we keep in our life.

I had a lot of work to get done today. I felt like I was scurrying around all day trying to get it done, although I was stationary at my computer doing it! I felt scatterbrained!  The kids finished again by noon, so that was super helpful. 

In the afternoon they had screen time and the weather was nicer so they played outside for a while, as I worked. 

Parker got a special letter in the mail that made his day! It was from his cousins. They apparently had made a bracelet and put it in there but by time it made it to us the letter was damaged and there was a hole in the envelope so the bracelet had slipped out 😦 But he was thankful for them thinking of him!  

The third butterfly showed up today! Parker was intrigued by them and watched them for over 20 minutes asking a million questions! Did you know that butterflies bleed when they emerge from the chrysalis? It is kind of gross! We didn’t expect blood to be in the farm! 

The butterfly farm was for Easter for the girls but it has really been amazing seeing the whole process! I mean, it is one bug that turns into something completely different! It truly is amazing and shows how creative, detailed and intentional God really is with his creation! 

Nancy and I had a discussion about how our mayor has not addressed the city since the announcement of reopening. It is disheartening! We have not heard anything specific to our county in weeks. I am not sure if they are waiting to see what happens or what but I feel they should at least be saying something! Hopefully we will hear from them soon! 

We had a surprise visit from my brother in law and one of the kids’ cousins! They were in town for something and decided to swing by to pick a few things up that needed to go back up to Michigan with them. It was a sweet treat! We visited from the porch as they stayed in the lawn and driveway but it didn’t stop the kids from having fun! They played charades and laughed and acted crazy while being socially distant with their cousin. They really enjoyed themselves and Aaron and I enjoyed having another adult, other than each other, to talk to and visit with!  

After the visit, a deep conversation with kids was needed. They had gotten themselves all upset because they wanted to go see the family in Michigan and be able to go places and not have to be locked up in the house any more. We validated their feelings, held them as they cried, walked through our “whys” and talked about the future and what it might look like for the next few months.  

This conversation morphed into a conversation about God and Christianity and so on. It was a very fruitful evening, although emotional and sometimes frustrating, it was a blessing to have the ability to slow down and take the time to answer questions and walk them through this.  The whole process took about 2 hours!! 

Final thoughts and challenge: As I reflect on the readings I did today I have been thinking about the things that have changed in our life. I am trying to decide what things will our family return to after all this and what things that have become the new normal that we will take with us.  I like to think that we will guard our schedule more, be less busy and only commit to things that align with our family goals. I also would like to think that we will take time to be more intentional with fostering our relationships, spending quality time together and making time to feel connected and discover any unanswered questions. I think overall, we will take the new focus of what is truly important in life and leave all the worry about what tomorrow will bring behind.  And most of all, I do not want this time of spiritual transformation to stop! I want to continue to pursue God as much as I do now. I don’t want that to stop at all! 

How about you and your family? What things will you take out of your “normal” after all of this? What have you added to your new normal that you hope to continue as we get back to life? Can you continue to use this time for spiritual transformation and even after? What does that look like for you?

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