Day 59 May 14th

It was a wet and humid morning, but warm! I almost didn’t go running because I was so tired and sore but I told myself I would just walk instead but then ended up running 4 miles. LOL! I trick myself often to accomplish my goals! When I returned I did power yoga with my online group! It was just what I needed for my muscles! 

During my post run walk I listened to a podcast from Bridgetown and the guy speaking talked about how he was in ministry and came down with an unknown illness that basically incopasitated him for 2 years. During this time he shut down and felt he had lost everything, he couldn’t even play with his kids.  At some point he had resolved this would be the way he would remain until he died and then something happened to him where he had a desire to have communion with God. A God that brings light into darkness and brings hope. He began to write poetry and songs and learned a new language. He said more importantly he discovered patience and love and kindness. God transformed him.

 God is doing this at all times. He is beginning new things throughout the universe even in the ugliness and the breakdown of society and such. We can look at the things that are gone and things that will be different and see that God is there looking at things differently inviting us into new places. Maybe this the time to leave the old way of doing things and move toward a new beginning, a transformation of our lives. He suggests maybe God is inviting us to experience completely new things. 

It stormed off and on all day. The kids finished school fairly quickly and then entertained themselves.  I stayed busy with work.  8 more days of work for me.  They are trying to reschedule graduation for July. I am not sure how I feel about this.

The kids are down to 3 required days. Next week we drop off and pick up their materials.  There is a whole plan to do this while socially distancing. We had to sign up online for an appointment time.  They are offering a sort of curbside service for people who are not comfortable to go into the building. They have mentioned doing some type of online awards. 

We recently learned that the pools closed for the summer and some of the major festivals are beginning to be canceled. The zoo announced they would be trying to open in July, assuming all goes well with moving forward to the next stage in the “Indiana Back on Track Plan”. 

Addie was so upset about her birthday late last night. She is concerned that she will not get to have her normal plans.  I talked with her about resolving that it won’t be the way she wants it to be and suggested we plan a way we know will work. She was not too excited about this plan but I do think it got her thinking a little. 

After dinner I got to take a walk with Aaron it was so needed and it was a beautiful evening after a day of storms and rain. 

Final thoughts and challenge: Thinking about today’s podcast, I think I am on board with embracing the change and seeing what God has in store for us next. It is the waiting and being patient to see how this all works out and what it is that will be changed and how our “new life” will be. 

Do you find yourself running out of patience too? Do you struggle with waiting to see what is in store? If so, how can you find rest as we wait? 

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