Day 60 May 15th

Wow! What a humid morning. I ran a couple miles and then walked for a little bit and it was beautiful out and I finally could wear a short sleeve shirt! Crazy to think just earlier this week I was in my thermal pants and my fleece running jacket! It’s interesting how the weather changes so quickly! 

When I returned I enjoyed my God time on the porch. I ready my devo and Romans 11. During my run I listened to Bridgetown Daily. He discussed the idea of observing the sabbath. It was an interesting take. He described how his family does this by taking a full 24 hours to rest and they have certain rituals they do during this time. He said they focus on worship and resetting for the week ahead. It was very appealing. We do tend to rest more on Sundays but we are not overly intentional about resting, reflecting and making sure we are not working. Especially me, I tend to use every day as a work day! Always needing to be productive but as I see how the stillness of my mornings are so crucial to my livelihood, I could easily consider observing the sabbath more intentionally. 

The kids were busy at play today as I had a full day of work without having to worry about their distance learning!  Alaina worked on a homemade barbie house using some scrap material left from some of our remodeling projects.  She is so creative and loves to design things. She works hard at it! 

Something amazing happened for Aaron this afternoon! He got to introduce the Star Wars movies for the first time. Parker and Addie watched with him. It was a special moment for them all! After the movie Aaron had to run to the bank to deposit some checks and he invited Parker to go along. He was more than thrilled. He got his little backpack all ready and ran to the car! These days it really is the little things that bring us great joy! 

Later in the afternoon we watched the end of the year celebration from Parker’s school. It was bitter sweet. I got a bit teary eyed thinking about the time with his friends and teachers that he missed but also it was so fun to see the memories they had made. He loved telling us about each event pictured.  

After work I took a walk with Addie and Parker, well they rode their bikes and I walked. We went to our normal hang out. There they found some mud to play in. I was not thrilled but the poor kids need some type of new fun.  They were a mess but it was fun to watch them play and smile! I loved having this special time with them. 

Final thoughts and challenge: It was a very fun day today with all the activities that went on! It has me excited for summer, even though we won’t be doing a whole lot of anything. I look forward to having the whole day to spend with the kids without so many other responsibilities. Summer is always such a fun and special time for us. We normally take a few days trip to go to Ohio and visit Kings Island, we have a camping trip or two, go to a waterpark and so much more. This year will look much different. I am trying to think of ways that we can still have fun and make memories while socially distancing. The kids are already mourning the loss of their summer but we are trying to encourage them to have an open mind to a new kind of summer. 

Does your family do special things in the summer?  Have you thought about how this summer will be different? Do you have any ideas on new types of plans? Are you mourning the loss of any traditions?

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