Day 61 May 16th

I had a foggy run this morning! It was my long run today. I did 6 miles, I love my long run days! I intend to increase my miles in the coming weeks. This week I ran every day. I will not run tomorrow, it will be my rest day. The peace I feel when running is undescribable. 🙂 

I listened to the beautiful passage Psalm 148 as I walked a bit after my run. It is a Psalm of praise calling everything and everyone to praise the Lord. So I did just that! I am so grateful for all that God is doing in my life and how he is providing for us, and not always in the ways that we expect. We must not forget to be thankful and look at the blessings in our lives, especially during this time! 

After my run, my cousin and I had our socially distant weekend visit. We both sat in the drive today to soak up the beautiful sun and we even braved a walk together. I walked on the road and she walked on the sidewalk. I am not sure I would ever get used to being so physically distant from everyone! I am, however, grateful to be able to spend this time with her. It is much needed for both of us! 

After my cousin left I jumped on to the live workout. Today was abs! I was really feeling it. My body is so tired from me pushing myself so much this week. After the workout I will have almost 48 hours of rest before my next workout! My body really appreciates when I let it rest! LOL

Today was a nice day filled with many different activities. The kids watched a movie and played some video games in the morning as I ran and visited with my cousin. After that I put a ban on all screens and forced us all outside to be in the beautiful weather. We enjoyed the outside by finally tackling our landscaping mess! The kids were troopers and didn’t complain too much about helping out. I even had the girls put together our new edger. They did a great job working together and following instructions:) We got a ton done! 

It was finally warm enough to release our butterflies! It looks like they may stick around in our yard, at least for a little bit. The extra gift the kids got me arrived today as well! It was such a thoughtful gift that they knew I would love to share with the family. It was a beautiful picnic basket!  We enjoyed a little snack with our basket later in the evening in a field at a nearby park. 

Final thoughts and challenge: Tonight when we went to the park area, there were so many people playing on the playgrounds and soccer fields. Despite the signs saying these things were closed due to COVID and in the news today it showed the farmers market where people were right next to each, as busy as ever, and not many had masks.  I do believe that many people have decided to ignore the guidelines and return to normal as much as they can with the few restrictions that are left.  I am afraid to see what our numbers are going to be like in the next couple of weeks. In our area we are still climbing in positive test numbers and deaths each day. We are by no means in the clear of the worst of it. 

Has your state or area where you live  lifted restrictions yet? If so, are you still being cautious or are you loosening up? If not, do you think you will return to normal living or will you still be sticking to the guidelines? How long do you think you can stand to stick with the government and local guidelines? 

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