Day 63 May 18th

I woke up very tired and did not want to run this morning! Maybe one rest day was not enough or maybe it was the dreary rain outside. Either way I didn’t allow there to be an excuse in my way for getting my run in. After my run I did a weights workout with my online group! I am so loving this time every day with them! 

Parker joined me for my God time this morning. I had him read some books while I read Romans Chapter 12.  In this chapter we are encouraged to be a living sacrifice because of the mercy we receive from Jesus. It calls us to a life of peace, serving the Lord and using our gifts to be a blessing to others. Overall, loving one another. We do not do this to earn favor or our way to heaven but out of gratefulness to the Lord for what he has done for us. After my reading I read a page out of one of the kids devotional books to Parker.  He loves his mommy time.   

We are so close to the end of school. It seems the closer we get to the last day the more the kids struggle. Today Addie quit after math for the rest of the day and then felt calmer at bedtime so she completed all her work in her bed after we put her to bed.  I allowed it since it was her idea and she was getting it done at least!  We let her make her own decision on this. She learned she needs the structure of school where it’s quiet when it’s time to work and everyone is working on the sand thing. She learned she works better in the evening/ late night hours she finally learned and agreed she needs to take herself somewhere quiet and alone. She is just so over working from home and the coronavirus. She declared it! She called me into her room to say, “mommy, I am done with coronavirus, I don’t want it to be a thing anymore.”  I am trying my best to walk her through this time! I think we are all ready to be done! 

After the other two kids were finished with school, Parker and Addie played board games and Alaina played upstairs with her barbies. After I was done working we all took a walk during a rain break. It rained pretty much all day. The kids needed to get some energy out! They enjoyed the mud puddles so much that they came back without many dry spots on them.

We have been preparing to buy a new house and fixing this one up to sell but with all of this Nancy is having a change of heart about moving during this time. After praying and thinking about it, we have decided to buy this house from Nancy. By doing this, it would allow us to finish fixing it up in the way we would like it to be, and allow her to fully retire and not have to return to work next school year.  In the long run this is the best decision for our family and it also gives us more time to shop around for the perfect house for our family. 

Final thoughts and challenge: I find it is harder to make decisions during this time of coronavirus. There are so many unknowns on how long this will last, what impact this will have on the economy and if it will happen again before we get a vaccine.  There is so much uncertainty that you can’t make a big decision (such as buying a house or moving) without having a million “what if” scenarios. For the most part we have taken the “wait it out” thought process when it comes to making decisions but some decisions must be made during this time! So what do you do? Make a pro’s and con’s list, pray and take a stab in the dark! LOL 

Have you had to make any major decisions during this time? Do you consider everything that is going on or do you make decisions as if everything were normal? What are your steps/tactics during these times?

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