Day 66 May 21st

This morning it was overcast again! It has been so depressing outside and seems it has been a constant state of misting for a couple of days. We need sunshine! Despite the weather I got my run and workout in.  

Today is the last day of school!! As I was getting the school stuff ready this morning, I became emotional thinking of what just happened for the last two months. I thought of all the things the kids missed out on and just how odd everything has been for them. I cried for them and then finished printing off the distance learning assignments for the day. They actually had tests and assignments for the last day of school! LOL  

Parker and Alaina had their last zoom meetings with their classes. Parker’s teachers handed out some awards and Parker won the “Prince of Perseverance” award. He had some struggles this year, but he really did not give up! He just kept pushing and learning. I am so proud of him and he sure does deserve this award! 

Their school and teachers really did an amazing job with all of this! We are so thankful and so impressed with how fluid everything was and how they were able to maintain a relationship with the kids and kept them learning! We are so pleased. 

Every year on the last day of school we go to a local ice cream place and get ice cream.  Since we were not able to do that this year, we celebrated at home with ice cream sundaes and a movie.  I gave a speech to the kids about how proud we were with their hard work and dedication to this process. After they each finished their last assignment, we did a little dance and ran around the house announcing, “we have a new 2nd grader” and then “4th grader” and then finally “5th grader”! I tried to make it as fun as possible although super lame:) We also took our last day of school pics! 

In the evening the kids spent a lot of time putting together all of our floor puzzles. They had a lot of fun with this! 

Final thoughts and challenge: I was trying to put myself in my kids shoes when thinking about the last 66 days and it is just incredible to me how flexible and resilient they are.  This literally changed their entire little world. Their normal routine of school and friends and being taught by a teacher was replaced with being isolated in one area day in and day out, not seeing friends and learning through a computer screen with parents breathing down their back. How intruding and heartbreaking. Yet they just kept thriving, never even questioned if they should keep working, never thought about the idea of giving up. They didn’t even try to refuse to do what they were told. This amazes me. 

There are so many times in life that we are faced with hard things and we just fold, we give up and make it an option to see it through. What sets us apart? When do we lose this innocence of doing what you are told to get through the storm? 

What can we take away from our little ones during this season? What can they teach us about perseverance, determination and resilience?

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