Day 70 May 25th

Happy Memorial Day! I started my day with a run, as normal and did a leg workout later in the afternoon. 

This morning as part of my God time I listened to the Bridgetown Daily. John Mark Comer. The title was “Keep the Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace”. He referenced the passage Ephesians 4:1-2 which speaks on spiritual maturity. I really appreciate this brief talk. He covered the fact that there are so many different opinions going around about Covid, the mandate to stay home and how much the government should be involved and so on. His point is regardless of what our opinions are we cannot allow Satan to tear us apart and cause division within our relationships and the church. We must have a maturity that we can have differing opinions and still have the same goal in mind. 

Today was a very special day for me! My mom and I planned a time to meet up at a park that was central for both of us and walked the trails as we socially distanced. It was such a sweet time to catch up and be alone together. I will treasure this forever! I had not been able to spend time with her in several months! We very much miss each other and can’t wait until we can hug and visit like normal again! 

After meeting my mom I had to go back to Lowes to get more mulch. This time I was not as anxious because I knew what to expect. Most times anxiety is just fear of the unknown. Once you face your fears, many times the anxiety will decrease. 

This evening Aaron grilled for us and we enjoyed a yummy Memorial Day dinner. We explained to the kids what Memorial Day was about. We ate in the back yard and then enjoyed some s’mores. After the kids went to bed I got busy on Parker’s mask. We need masks this week for the kids to go along to say goodbye to their teachers and pick up and drop off materials. It took a long time just for the one mask! 

Final thoughts and challenge: After the last couple of days of having a little more exposure outside of the home I am starting to wonder if we are the only people left that are isolating and staying in the house. I do know my cousin is doing the same. We often joke with each other questioning if we are crazy. I don’t feel that we are because we are keeping Nancy safe and she is keeping her family safe but I do wonder when it is time to start practicing for the “new normal” and trying to make that the next phase for us. 

Is anyone still staying in? Have you transitioned into the “new normal” yet? What was that like? How has it changed your perspective on the virus?

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