Day 71 May 26th

This morning’s run was hard. I think my body is tired and I am not getting enough sleep! I will need to work on getting to bed earlier! Even though I was tired, I still did an extra workout live with my group. 

Today as part of my God time, I listened to Bridgetown Daily. Today Gavin Bennett talked about learning to see possibility. What I took away from his talk were a couple of things. First he hit the nail on the head when he said now that the nation is starting to enter new phases and lifting restrictions, it is not necessarily that we don’t want things to get back to normal but that we just got into a new groove and a new way of living and now with a slight lifting we have to learn a new way again and again as we work back toward our normal daily life. This resonated with me! 

I sometimes stress about the thought of having to make decisions and change the way we are doing things now. Kind of like starting all over again to create a new way of doing things.

Second thing I gained was the idea of seeing possibility in the new phases and changes. It is not all doom and gloom and a way to try to make us sick. I need to find what possibilities God has in the next phase for us. 

I spent time with Parker this morning! He is so fun and helpful. We enjoyed talking and cuddling and then did me a favor and removed an old hook from the porch column. He loves to help and is always proud of himself when he can! 

As I was sitting there planning my day I realized that it was the girls day to go to the school to drop things off! I was so upset with myself because I stayed up so late to get Parker’s mask done thinking today was his day to go into the school and I actually needed the girls’ masks! So, I started working on theirs while trying to check emails and such for work. I did get them done, literally as I was walking out for the meeting. 

The school did a very nice job having social distancing, masks and hand sanitizer. They are all so sweet and loving toward our kids! The girls wore their masks. They were excited about it. I, on the other hand, was heartbroken that they needed to wear them and that they needed to be made. It just saddens me! On a positive note, the masks do cover up facial blemishes, such as the pimple I have on my face currently. LOL

I worked late into the evening since I missed some work time this morning. After work I made dinner and during dinner, we watched the girls end of year awards. Addie got all A honor roll! She was so excited, and we were all proud of her. The school did a very nice job of making the video fun and entertaining but also short and to the point! Aaron and I really appreciated it. After dinner we went outside to watch the kids swim. They put on a little show for us while in the pool. They call themselves “The PAL Kids” short for Parker, Addie and Laini. They have been getting along well.  

Final thoughts and challenge: A week ago, the thought of venturing out into society to try to make a new way of life was very disturbing to me but I am starting to have a better attitude about it. We are starting to slowly introduce things that we feel safe with such as running to Lowes, meeting with my mom, taking walks and bike rides with my cousin and we have decided to attend our small group (just Aaron and I and only because it is outside and we can social distance).

I feel that we annoy people with our cautious attitude, but I think we still have to do what is best for Nancy and our family. I worry about what people think of us often but try hard not to let it affect the decisions we make. Judgment of others can be painful but ultimately, we are the ones who have to live our life and accept the consequences of our choices. 

Do you struggle with caring what other people think? Do you make decisions or are you tempted to make decisions based on what others might think? How has this worked out for you in the long run?

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