Day 73 May 28th

It was a hazy and drizzle filled morning! About half way through my run it started to rain a bit. The cool drops of rain felt so refreshing on my skin! It reminded me of a time when I was running a 18 mile long run when I was training for my marathon. In the middle of my run it started to downpour! It was so amazing! It was a very special experience! Believe it or not I make a lot of memories while running! 

Today I did several things for my God time but the biggest accomplishment was finishing up Romans! The last chapter is not overly exciting. There are some greetings and a benediction and then in the middle of it there are about 4 verses (Romans 16:17-20) that warn against people and teachers that wish to divide and cause offense and teach against the doctrine. He states that they only serve themselves. He encourages us to be wise in what is good! 

Mid-morning, I joined my online group for a workout and then I cleaned the house up a little to prepare for the appraiser who came this morning to appraise the property for the sale. He did not take long at all and did not have a whole lot to say so I am hoping that is good news 🙂 

For the rest of the day I did some things for work and the kids played outside and in the pool. In the evening the guidance and admin at work put on Senior Awards on zoom. This is usually a pretty big event at the end of each year. I was glad that we were able to do something for them since they lost so many special memories for their senior year. It was fun to see their faces when they heard they won an award. It was also very sweet to see families gathered around the screen together to watch. Overall I think we did a good job and the parent feedback so far is positive. 

After the senior awards Aaron and I jumped right into our small group meeting via zoom since the awards went too long. We had planned to try to venture out and just the two of us attend in person because it was being held outside but we didn’t have enough time to drive there. I think we will go next week. 

Before putting the kids to bed I made them take a bike ride with me and I put Addie in charge of leading us. She got a little turned around but for the most part found our way! The sun was setting, the breeze was cool and it was a peaceful moment watching them ride ahead of me. 

Final thoughts and challenge: It is interesting that the small passage in Romans from this morning came up in my thoughts today regarding some other studying and listening I have been doing. Not in a way that I think what I am hearing has the intent to divide or cause confusion but more in the sense that I need to be sure I challenge what I read and hear to be sure it aligns with what I know to be true. 

Most of the time when I have a question about doctrine or a specific hot topic in the Christian faith, I turn to my husband and of course the Bible. He is one of the wisest, well equipped people I know and trust to lead me toward Christ rather than away from him. He has a much deeper understanding of the Bible and the historical relevance of it than I do. He is the deep thinker and I am the one who follows by faith without much thought. He has a really good way of explaining things to me in a way that I did not see them before.  We compliment each other well! 

I asked him this evening about his thoughts on observing the sabbath each week and he had some really good points to make. To summarize, we will not be designating one day to focus on Christ but we will continue to keep our focus on Christ daily. We may, however, attempt to have a day with no electronics/screens etc. in order to grow closer as a family. 

What about you? Do you have someone that you turn to for your deep religious questions? Do you have a sounding board or someone that you trust to help you see things differently?

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