Day 74 May 29th

I walked out the door this morning intending to just walk for an hour but about a half mile in, I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to run! So I took a nice easy run and enjoyed the warm yet cool weather. 

When I returned I had my God time, which was interrupted by Parker, per usual. Today he wanted to talk about Dung Beetles and wasps, bees and hornets. It was an interesting conversation and I love these moments! After our conversation he went inside to play Roblox, his favorite morning activity, other than hanging out with first of course:) 

I finished my God time and journaled.  One of the devotions I listened to was rooted in Psalm 90. This chapter is about the eternity of God and the frailty of man. But in the midst of this there is verse 12 asking God to “teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom”. The application that was made in the devotional was, let us learn to make each day count. Don’t let a day slip away because in the grand scheme of things, we do not have many. So the question is, how will we make today count? 

After my God time I quickly ran out to the back yard to mow before it started raining. I made it just in time and then joined my online group for a workout. My one friend in my workout group, who lives near Minneapolis, talked to us about how bad things were getting downtown due to the riots and looting. They have been setting fires and destroying the downtown.  She has many concerns for her and her family and just asked for prayer for all of this. It is so sad to see this happening and it is so concerning! 

The rest of the day was filled with me finishing up more things for work, more outside work and the kids played all day! They are really enjoying not having to worry about school work! Addie has been enjoying the flowers from the front yard. She brought a closed rose in last night and this morning it opened up completely! It was beautiful:) 

Final thoughts and challenge: This morning I had somewhat of a poetic thought, something I think God brought to my mind. 

As I raced in from mowing the lawn, I was brushing off the grass clippings and threw my lawn working shoes back into the garage and then laced up my lifting shoes, I realized I had worn 4 pairs of shoes already. Each one signified a very important part of my life and who I am.

First thing I wore were my running shoes, this signifies my mental health. These shoes are worn to give me the time with God which gives me the strength I need emotionally and spiritually to keep going and continue to be strong for those that need me in life. 

When I returned, I put on my slippers! MY FAVORITE! These go on when I am about to sit down in a quiet place to cozy up with the Lord. These signify my intimate relationship with God and my daily time spent with him to nourish my soul and mind so I have focus for the day. 

After this, I plopped on my dirty old work shoes and headed to the wet backyard to trudge through the soaked thick grass. These signify the hard work and sacrifice I make for my family to be sure they are all taken care of and loved. 

Lastly, my lifting shoes. These are where my sweat and blood are found. I push myself in these shoes to be physically strong, with every move strengthening my muscles in order to be the strongest woman I can be. This is an example to my children about taking care of the body the Lord gave you, in order to live a long life not only to see my children grow and have families of their own but also to be an active part of it all! I want to be able to roll around with them, chase them and keep up with them! Honestly my goal is to make it hard for them to keep up with me…even when I am 50! I also want to be strong for my husband, so he has a help mate that will live long and be steady as we grow old together. 

This reflection this morning really spoke to me of all the “shoes” I wear in order to be the woman God wants me to be! And these shoes did not even include all my work shoes or my flip flops 🙂 

I encourage you to reflect on your shoes. What do they speak about you? Take a moment to thank God for those shoes and how wearing each one develops you as a person and makes you stronger and better for those around you! Take a moment to see how hard you work each day for those you love.

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