Day 75 May 30th

What a beautiful run this morning! The weather was a bit cooler so it was perfect for a long run! The sun was shining bright and the path I usually take was open. It had been closed due to the rains. During my run I started listening to some podcasts to help me with my new adventure of becoming a personal trainer. For my cool down walk I listened to the Bridgetown Daily. 

The verse today that was read was Psalm 16. This psalm discusses the benefits/hope of being a faithful believer. These include having someone to put our trust in, a great inheritance, wise counsel from the Lord, having someone who is always there and is steadfast, hope, the assurance that we will not be abandoned, direction in life and JOY!!! I am so grateful for these truths as I walk through this journey!  

Today we ordered groceries. That always seems to take up so much time! After that I worked again for several hours pulling out trees and weeds! Aaron helped bag up the brush and fixed something on the gutters. I cannot wait to be done with this project. 😦 

Aaron grilled chicken for us tonight and then we used the hot coals to roast marshmallows. We had a variety of different desserts tonight! Parker had a peanut butter s’more. Alaina had a brownie smore and a regular marshmallow and Addie opted for the brownie sundae. Sarah had made some brownies last night so I was trying to get rid of them:) 

After our sweets we played Sushi Roll as a family. They were pretty excited because this is a game that we got at Christmas and still had not played! Parker did a great job and won by one point! He was pretty proud of himself!  

Final thoughts and challenge: Today I had a moment where I broke down, as I had been working for two hours on the same tree trunk to get it out. Aaron tried to help me feel better but it was not working. I told him I was so frustrated about how much work this house is and I just want things to be nice and in their place and get to a point where we do not have to worry about fixing anything. It is very overwhelming sometimes and takes so much effort! 

As I thought about this, I realized this is the same for our own personal struggles and our lives in general! We are a constant work in progress, a mess and something that always needs to be fixed up.  Like my house, we will never reach perfection. By time we fix everything up that we feel are the updates we need to make us happy or content with what we see, something else will break down or need our attention. BUT the good thing is, we can be patient and trust in this process. We have a loving Father who will help us and love us through making these changes and He loves us no matter where we are and loves us even if we never fix things. I am grateful for this patience! I think it’s time I gave myself some grace and have a little more patience with this house process! I might not get so upset. 🙂 

What remodeling are you tired of trying to do in your life? Do you need to rest in the process and allow God to mold you and change you? Relax, you will be changing for your whole life. May we find contentment in the Lord as we keep working toward change. 

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