Day 77 June 1st

Oh my goodness! It is June already! I feel like my mind is still stuck on Friday, March can it be June already! Boy, I get emotional thinking about that day and all that has happened since.  I started June off strong with a run this morning followed by an intense workout with my group. I was also able to fit in my God time right before my Parker cuddles! 

This morning I reflected on Psalms 42 and 43. In these Psalms David is praying to God in a time of trouble and yearning for him in the midst of distress. He talks to himself, questioning why he is cast down and then turns to God asking the same thing. Then at the end of both Psalms he ends the same exact way, stating hope is in God and he will continue to praise him, He who is his help.
My favorite part about reading these chapters today was it brought back an old song from when I was young, that I used to sing over and over. There is nothing fancy to it but it hits my heart and brings me near to the Lord each time I hear it! The beginning of Psalms 42 starts off
“As the deer pants for the water…” Immediately when I hear this verse my mind takes off with the rest of the song, “As the Deer”.  This was healing for my soul today 🙂 

After my time with God, Parker and I cuddled up under a blanket on the porch. We had a good conversation as always. We decided that we would start reading a chapter book together in the mornings.  After he reads his two reader books, we are going to read a chapter of “How to Eat Fried Worms” and then when we finish it we are going to watch the movie together. This idea is a win win for us! He gets special mommy time and I get to encourage his love for reading! We are going to really work hard with him this summer to keep him on track with his reading since he struggled for awhile! I will love this time with him! 

For the rest of the morning I made food and did some work stuff here and there and also worked on some stuff for my dad. The kids read a little and played some video games. Aaron and I spent some time on the porch as I worked. 

After work I went outside to finish up the yard work on the side of the house.  Addie joined me and we came up with plan A, B and C for her birthday. Plan A if things are the same as they are now with the virus (her least favorite plan), plan B if cases are going down and things are looking better, and plan C if things are almost completely done. I told her not to plan on plan C 😦 I think she is coming to terms with not being able to have a traditional celebration this year. She had a very good attitude as we discussed plans and I saw a lot more maturity with this convo! 

After dinner we all headed outside and Aaron and I sat and talked while we watched the kids play. It was such a peaceful night, with hardly any wind and the temperature was just perfect and the sun was setting. We discussed how odd it was given all the chaos that was happening in the country around us. Aaron decided this morning that it was probably time for us to get a gun. He had read an article that hit him pretty hard and that was the last straw for him on the issue. He had been talking about it for a couple of years now but with everything going on I think he sees where it could become helpful to have at some point. 

Final thoughts and challenge: During the day, I find myself reflecting on the pain that people are facing in our country right now. It brings me such sadness and I feel the pain for them. I can’t even begin to make sense of all of this, none of us can and I think that is why people are going so crazy. There is no clarity on anything, negativity is all we see and nothing is peaceful. It is the worst I have ever seen! Our country is falling apart rather than uniting to fight our battles together. 

When I get to this point each day,  I have to stop, pray and refocus. Once I regain my composure I am able to focus on the truth of the Lord and pray for those who are hurting and trust that God is going to redeem all of this! I know He will do amazing things through this and will bring healing to people! 

Do you feel deep pain for those around you? What do you do to handle that? Do you act on that prompting or just suppress it?

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