Day 79 June 3rd

Oh my goodness! My run this morning, only 2 miles, was rough! After my run, workout and 8 miles of walking yesterday my legs were a bit tight. Even though it was not my best I still did it anyway! After, I had another hard workout with my group. My muscles are failing in these workouts, causing me to drop weights so hopefully I will be seeing some more muscle soon! LOL 

Parker joined me for my God time again this morning. I read a devotion with him out of his kid devotional and really it was something that spoke to me! The book we read from is “365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids”. The question was “What is the golden rule?” The key verse was Matthew 22:39, love your neighbor as yourself. How fitting for what is being fought for right now! Honestly if we could all live by this simple rule, so much of our issues with inequality and mistreatment would go away. Later in the reading the author explains that of course there are some days that we are angry or do not “feel” like loving. In these cases we do not need to worry because God gave us all the love we need to love others (Romans 5:5), for we are able to love because he first loved us (1 John 4:19). I feel we need to really come back to the basics! If people are loving one another, there is no room for hatred. 

Today I worked on some paperwork for my dad and did some more things for my job. After this I went to work out in the garage to start to make space for some things we need to move from upstairs so we can instal carpet. I called Parker out to help me because part of the work was to destroy an old TV! 

Before we did this he had this great idea to make a YouTube video of him getting mad and then storming off and smashing the TV with a hammer. After editing the video it turned out pretty well! He was so proud of himself! I loved seeing him watch himself and have the look of confidence on his face. He struggles with this sometimes. I also had him help me with dinner. He seems to like to help and it is an easy way to boost his confidence so I try to look for ways for him to help as much as possible! 

Final thoughts and challenge: I am thinking of ways that we can love our neighbors during this time.  It is hard to do things for others during this time of Covid but I am thinking of ways our family can serve or come alongside another family together. 

What are some ways that your family is loving others?

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