Day 80 June 4th

Sun was hiding this morning but it was still warm and a little humid. I slept in a bit this morning, I didn’t sleep well last night. So I cut my run a little short but still got my workout in with my group. As I walked back to the house from my run I looked up and saw the cutest little guy running toward me! Parker, as usual, had been waiting for me and saw me coming down the sidewalk. 🙂

As Parker was running toward me at full speed it made me think of all the times during my runs when I felt as though I was running to the arms of my savior. Running is such a spiritual experience for me and some days I just feel like I want to run into His arms, collapse and never look back! I’m always so excited to spend this time with the Lord. I feel it is much like the anticipation Parker feels as he looks out for me in the morning waiting to run toward me and can’t wait for his special time with me. 

Today Aaron and I really “cleaned house”! It was exciting for me because I love to get rid of stuff and have become somewhat of a minimalist. We found a place to take all the tons of cardboard boxes we had been collecting thinking we were going to move. This freed up so much space in the garage! Then we took all the metal and copper to the recycling place and got a few bucks for that. We also put one of our couches that needed to go out for the free item pick up with the trash along with two additional trash bags! It was awesome!

The downside of that was, with the empty space in the living room, the girls took over with their American Girl doll stuff! It was such a mess but they played for hours. Considering we don’t have company, I just let them do it! 🙂 

Final thoughts and challenge:  This evening we joined our small group on Zoom. We watched a video lecture by Andy Stanley. It was named “How to Persevere in Tough Times”  It was a great reminder about finding joy in the midst of trials and maintaining your faith during hardship. He used an example from a friend of his that passed away but his friend said in the midst of his terminal illness, when asked how he is doing he responded, “my life has always been in God’s hands, nothing has changed.” This really spoke to me! WOW! This is just so true and for someone to say that just months before he was to die is incredible. I love it and I hope to keep this in the front of my mind as the hardships roll into my life! 

Think about that statement. How could having this perspective impact the way you see your hardships? Could this outlook be what could keep us going and not pull back in the face of adversity? I think for me it could!

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