Day 83 June 7th

It was much cooler this morning! I actually had to wear pants and a jacket for my walk. Today is a rest day and I fully intended to keep it this way. My body is screaming at me to take a break so that is what I did! My walk was peaceful as I listened to a couple of short Bridgetown Daily’s. Both had soothing worship songs focused on the love of God. I soaked them up! 

In the Bible app the women’s group started a new plan, “Finding God in the Hard Places”. The first day was about asking God where he is in your life. As I prayed about this question I heard the Lord tell me, I am everywhere. He is in the birds chirping I hear every morning, in the sunlight that shines on my face as I walk and run, He is in the trees and flowers I run past every day and admire the beauty of, he is in the gentle breeze that hits my face.  He is in the arms of my husband’s embrace and the smile on my childrens faces.  In contrast, he is also in the tears that I cry when I am in pain, He is by my side as I question him and what he is doing or not doing in my life, He is with me when I feel lonely or afraid. He is in my heart, mind and soul and no matter the circumstance, will give me the strength I need to get to the other side. 

As part of my rest day I resolved to not do any projects and fully focus on my family. So the first thing I did was sit down with Addie to help her plan out her birthday. We came up with a couple of options including meeting our family at a park that is halfway between us and my family in Michigan. We also figured out a plan for her to be with a couple of her friends while social distancing. Everything is planned for outdoors so I am praying that the weather is perfect for her! She was excited to plan and said she is feeling much better about the outlook of her birthday plans! 

While Addie and I were meeting, Alaina and her American Girl took her first crack at baking alone. She made clean chocolate chip banana muffins. She only needed help a couple of times but she did a great job! She used all of her American Girl doll kitchen accessories to help make it. After she brought the tiny cups of milk and the little muffins for Addie’s doll and her own. It was so cute! 

In an attempt to make Parker’s fishing dream come true I ordered a fishing pole to be picked up at Target and we planned a picnic and fishing day! It was later in the afternoon when the fishing pole was ready so it was more like what we call a “linner” (a meal between lunch and dinner). We were brave and ordered a pizza to take to the park. This was the first time in over 83 days! Aaron and the kids enjoyed it very much! I ate before we left 🙂 Pizza is not something I chose to eat. 

After our little picnic we headed to the pond. We fished and fished but did not have much luck but the experience was great. We all had a nice time as a family. The kids saw a turtle, Addie learned how to cast with the new fishing pole and I was able to re-teach Alaina how to pee in the woods. LOL! This was fun! She was not a fan but there were not many options for where we were. It was nice to be out and not have any sort of timeline or agenda. 

Final thoughts and challenge: As wonderful as today was I really actually was struggling with many things. I was concerned about the future with reentry, wondering if we are making the correct decisions, worried about what others think about our decisions, unsure about what school will look like in the fall and much more. I was on the verge of tears all day but as I thought about this morning’s God time and finding God in the hard places, I looked around and saw what a blessing I had happening in front of me. God was right there with me during this day, as I struggled, and blessed me all day long as I worked through my challenges. 

Have you had hard days during a perfect day? Were you able to see the blessings through the hard?

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