Day 84 June 8th

It was another bright and sunny morning this morning. I slept in a bit because I didn’t sleep well. Alaina was up several times and I ended up in her bed and she, in mine. Not sure how that happened but at least she was able to sleep, me on the other hand not so much. I was quite tired when I woke up but once I started running I felt pretty good and made good time. Later in the morning I completed a workout with my group.

Parker was not up yet when I returned from my run, which is abnormal. So I got some extra alone and God time. Today I studied in Proverbs 8.  This chapter is about wisdom and the excellence of it. Wisdom is one of those things God promises to give us if we seek it. In this chapter, the author is referring to Jesus as wisdom. He is our wisdom and his ways will not lead us astray. If we seek Jesus we will have wisdom. 

Today the girls crafted. Addie is getting better at using the sewing machine and enjoys it. She has been using it to make a couple of gifts for her cousin’s for their birthday. I stayed busy working on some things for my dad. After that I finished some of the landscaping in the front of the house and my cousin stopped by to join me. I really just wanted her to keep me company but she ended up helping me! It made the job so much more enjoyable and we were able to work together and social distance at the same time! After dinner the family ended the evening by watching “The Greatest Showman”.  At the conclusion of the movie, of course, we had to have a dance party to the music during the credits! I swirled each kid around and helped they fly in the air! It was a very special way to end the evening. 

Final thoughts and challenge: I did have another rough day today, hence the reason I asked my cousin to come over and hang out with me while I worked. The day did not go as planned and it was really bugging me. I feel like so many days are getting away from me. I don’t want to waste this time! I want to make the most of it and be sure to get every bit that there is to learn from this time as well.  I do not want to get to the end of our time at home as a family and have nothing to show for it! 

Are you feeling good about the way you spend your time? Are you being intentional with your time still?

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