Day 85 June 10th

It was a hot run this morning! It got up to 94 degrees today and felt like it was 96. I am starting not to feel as tired for my runs and workouts this week which means my rest day was a success!  I was testing out the total rest day idea and I think it really worked! 

My God time was a combination of podcast, devo and daily bible app. All were the same theme of Christ accepting me where I am and loving me despite my faults and continually failing! I needed to read this in multiple ways this morning❤️

I have been leaving notes for Parker on the front door for when he wakes up, if I am going to be back after 8:00. On the note, I will say what time he can come out to look for me and that I can’t wait to read with him to spend time with him. When I got back this morning he was on the couch cuddling with Bella patiently waiting with his book! I am so blessed by my alone time with my precious son. I pray his desire to spend time with me does not go away anytime soon! While we hung out on the porch he found a new bug we had never seen or heard of before. It was a Mealybug. I think they are mistaken for little white specks or something but they actually move! He was so excited and, as always, wanted to keep them for a pet😂 

Today I caught up on emails and started putting the new knobs on the cabinets in the kitchen. I had Parker help me with this. He loves using the mini electric screwdriver.  He was interested in helping for most of the project and then wanted to move on to other things. Throughout the day Addie worked on more projects for her cousins on the sewing machine and Parker and Alaina had fun trying out a drone with Aaron that we forgot we had.  The kids swam for a long time as well.

My cousin was out running and stopped by to say hi and then her husband showed up with their two girls! They rode their scooters over! All of a sudden a storm moved in so they rushed home and the kids and I sat on the porch watching as it quickly ended. I love watching storms so it was special to share this with the kids as well! They enjoyed it and my cousins made it home safely.  

I invited them back to let the girls swim in the pool for something to do! So they came over and we opened the fence for them to be in the back yard and we visited while the girls swam and we social distanced! It was so simple, relaxing and enjoyable! We were talking and we feel like we are in an odd situation because both of our families are isolating and are very little risk to each other and we don’t feel afraid to be close and do things with them and they feel the same with us but we are not sure if we should be concerned and continue to socially distance. We are still discussing and praying about this! 

FInal thoughts and challenge: As we were visiting with the cousins tonight we were discussing how much these little things have meant to our families.  Referring to the hike at the park and playing on the beach, going fishing and visiting in the backyard.  These are things that would have been fun in the past but would maybe not have as much weight to them emotionally. The kids have expressed so much gratitude for our little adventures. I love the simplicity of the activities. I think we should continue this even after things go back to normal (whenever that may be)!  I have officially decided I don’t want to go back to the way things were with such emphasis on media, busyness and all the noise of life! I think our family is thriving so much more on the still, calm, quiet and simple things in life.

Have you noticed a new love for simplicity? How is your family doing without all the extras such as movie theaters, carnivals, and large events? Do you notice more of a stillness in your life and contentment with the small stuff? 

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