Day 86 June 10th

It was a hot one today! This morning’s run was a sweat fest but still enjoyable!! However I was grateful it was a shorter run today! 🙂 Of course my coach kicked my butt with an arms, abs and cardio workout! 😩

For my time with God this morning I spent time reading Psalms 10. This is a psalm that speaks of the confidence of knowing God triumphs over evil! If you read this chapter with the current state of our country the virus, riots, the injustice and mistreatment of people in mind it really is powerful! It’s so easy to get sucked into all the madness and let fear take over but we know the end of the story! God prevails so guess what?! That means we prevail and we are ultimately safe! This evil and distraction may have the spotlight but behind the scenes there is a battle that is already won! We can have peace of mind in this truth! 

Today was a productive day. On my list of things to do I wanted to get the remainder of the handles put on the cupboards, take down the trees in the back yard that were overgrown and spend time with my family.  I got all three things accomplished! I worked quickly in the yard because we had a severe thunderstorm warning, so I wanted to beat that! As the storm rolled in we were able to watch it from the front porch, until the rain went horizontal!  Then we ran in like crazy people! The winds were so strong and we had hail! 

After the storm we checked out the damage. Our light pole was hanging to the side and the wind bent the neighbors flag pole! While we were out we began searching for a rainbow. We walked to the end of the street but had no luck! After the storm the sun came out fully shining! It was one of those where half the sky was dark and the other half was sunshine and blue skies.  On our way back from our search we decided to help clean up a neighbor’s yard. They had put out their trash already for the trash truck and some of the trash escaped during the storm. 

When we got back Aaron grilled for us and we had dinner. The kids enjoyed “The Greatest Show On Earth” while I finished up my first module in my personal training course. Overall it was a very productive and enjoyable day! 

Final thoughts and challenge: Today I had a student email me. She was updating me on how she was doing and sharing some of her concerns and one of those concerns was being afraid of the future, not knowing what the fall would bring. The next school year will be her senior year so I can imagine all the thoughts swirling in her head but something she said brought a thought to my mind.

It is the fact that we never actually know what tomorrow will bring. We have an idea of what things are supposed to look like, such as this last semester of school, we would assume and be comfortable in the fact that we will have graduation, prom, sporting events, end of school year activities and then a great relaxing summer…BUT none of that happened right? So did we really know any more then than we do now about what might happen in the fall? Basically what I am saying is we NEVER know what is going to happen, so there really is not much more to be afraid of than normal when thinking of the future! We really just need to rest in the end of the story and take this day by day. 

Do you find yourself worrying more about what the future might look like? Have you ever thought that before all of this we had a false sense of security thinking we knew what tomorrow would bring?  When we step back and think about it, we really have no clue!

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