Day 87 June 11th

My morning started off much earlier due to having to go in to work for training. The sun was rising nice and early and it was beautiful for my run! After my run I fit in my workout for the day but was not able to join the group live. The workout was not as much fun at all without my friends! Tomorrow I will be back at it! 

The theme of my God time today was love God and love others.  It must have been something I needed to hear because it was in my Bible app daily devotional, my regular devotional and on the way home from work a song came on the radio about that exact thing! The message was aligned with what I had mentioned before, if we just follow the two principles that Jesus said were the greatest of the commandments (love God above all others, and love your neighbors) so many of our issues will be solved. How do we get others to get on board with this idea? 

I spent most of the day at work for training and to get some things around for graduation.  While I was at work it sounded like the kids had a good time. Addie had a friend, who lives a street over, stop by to see if she wanted to ride bikes together. Aaron thought this was a good activity to do while social distancing so he allowed it. When I got home Addie was glowing! She loved the feeling of freedom it gave her. They went around the block a couple of times, just the two of them and she had never been allowed to do that before. 

When I got home the kids were so excited.  They have not acted that excited to see me since my last trip away for several days. I think they are really used to me being here. Aaron said that they did struggle throughout the day saying they missed me and asked when I would be home.  I also was surprised at how much I missed all of them! I guess 86 days without a break from each other will do that. 

This evening, after dinner, we had a family fun night of cleaning and organizing the garage! This was years of a mess to clean up. I gave each kid a job and we all worked hard.  They enjoyed helping for about 45 minutes and then one by one they slowly dispersed to other activities. 🙂 I worked for several more hours. 

Final thoughts and challenge: This is quite random but this morning as I was writing to God in my journal, I thanked him over and over for allowing me to approach today with a good attitude and without any anxiety. Typically when I have a work meeting in the summer or just some type of important work thing at all I get really anxious and my stomach hurts and I worry about it for some reason. But this time I didn’t have anything like that and I feel that I had more reason to be concerned than normal because of Covid and social distancing and such. But I was so thankful because I was totally at peace about going into the building and did not get anxious one bit the days before! I thanked the Lord for this because I hate feeling that way and it helped me to be so much more relaxed and it was less stressful for my family.  

Do you ever get anxious about something that you cannot identify why? How do you handle that stress/anxiety? How does your stress and anxiety affect your family?

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