Day 92 June 16th

This morning was sunny and the temperature was perfect! I had a much faster run than normal so that was good. Once in a while I will suddenly have a boost in my speed of my runs and that becomes my new normal. I love when that happens! It means my hard work is paying off and I am getting stronger! I also did a shoulder workout with my group and couldn’t move my arms after! UGH! 

For my God time I focused on the writing from the weekly study in my Bible app.  The question posed today was “what are the stakes of our disobedience?” We were to reflect on what consequences we may see if we chose not to be obedient to something God is asking us to do and who is impacted by that choice? Does thinking about the impact of our disobedience change our perspective when it comes to choosing to be obedient or not.  I reflected on the times that I have been disobedient to what God has asked of me and the negative impact that had on my life and those around me and in contrast looked at the blessings and the positives that came from the times I was obedient. The consequences from the disobedient times is enough for me to continue to be as obedient as possible. It is not always easy but it is something I strive to do! 

Today we closed on the house! We now own this house! It was not as exciting as buying a house new to us but it does make some major changes for our family and for my mother in law, who can now fully retire since we took the burden of the house from her! This really is the biggest blessing in the whole process. We are so excited for her that she will not have to return to work in the fall. 

Today I took the kids to see my teenage sisters since they were not able to visit with us on Sunday. We met at the same park but this time the kids were able to swim with them.  They had so much fun. They really love their teen aunts! They have missed them so much. 

While we were there, the playground was open (it was just opened by the governor about a week ago) and there were no children on it so I allowed them to play on it! The only rule was they were not allowed to touch any area on their face and sanitize right after playing. They were so excited, this was the first time in over 92 days that they were able to play on the equipment. Also while we were visiting, Parker found a skeleton of something, we never did figure out what it was, He was very proud of himself and wanted to bring it home. That was not happening! 

On the way home I stopped at Lowe’s to exchange the chainsaw. When I planned this I did not think about having the kids with me so I texted Aaron to see what would be worse, leaving them in the car or taking them in with masks. We decided they could go in with me and stay close and not touch anything. So I got their masks on and they went into a store for the first time in 3 months! We pointed out the signage and they said it was very hard not to touch their masks because they were not used to them.  Overall we made it in and out without them touching anything and pretty much keeping our distance from people. 

Final thoughts and challenge: Buying this house is a perfect example of the obedience that I read about and reflected on this morning.  We were pretty much set on buying a different house and selling this one but through the process it became clear that this was what we were supposed to do.  As a result we were able to take better care of my mother in law and make a much wiser decision financially. Had we tried to push to go the other way, the long term effects would have been frustrating, stressful and straining to our family. I am grateful we were obedient in this situation, even though it is not fully what we wanted.  Now I can see the blessing! 

Do you struggle with being obedient to what you feel you should do? Are there times when you say no and later regret it or have those moments where you realize what you should have done? How can you be sure you are obedient next time? What are you being prompted to do now that you know you need to do but are resisting and leaning toward not listening? Let me ask you, “what are the stakes of your disobedience?”

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