Day 93 June 18th

It was another cool beautiful morning but the sun was warm and I could tell it was going to be a hot day! I ran a couple of miles but wanted to get back quickly to prepare for my dad to visit. 

I did have time to do my God time. Aaron got me a book called “Mama Bear Apologetics”. This was partly because I am always asking him questions about theology and such within Christianity to answer the kids questions and my own and also he thought it would be good for us to read it together to be sure we have a similar understanding of how to approach Biblical topics with the kids. I am excited for this book because I think it will do a great job of addressing current cultural struggles, with the younger generations, that make it hard to stay grounded in their faith, even after they leave home. 

I just started the book but there are alarming statistics of how many kids stop being Christian after leaving home and enter college or become an adult. I am still reading about this but it looks like there are many reasons for this. I also am excited to find ways to help my children build the spiritual foundation they need so they are not rocked by other confusing or conflicting ideas, but they can confidently challenge those ideas to be sure their faith still holds up.  Anything that will help me help my kids with their faith, I am game for! 

My dad showed up just before I was scheduled to workout with my group so I did not get to join them but I had a nice time visiting with him and catching up in person rather than on the phone. We walked around the house assessing what all we would need to do to get ready for him to paint it. I also asked his advice about some of our other projects around the house as well. He is such a handy man and really knows the answers to most any home fix it issues! He stayed for a couple of hours and then headed back to Michigan. He will be returning next week to start painting.  

For the remainder of the day I worked on the house, got my workout in that I missed this morning and then pressure washed the back of the house in the evening. Tonight Nancy wanted to celebrate our buying the house and her being free of it so she bought us all dinner from Culvers. We also got custard! The kids were so excited. We haven’t had Culvers in months.  As much as we loved it, we all ended up with stomach aches and the kids couldn’t finish it all. Our bodies are used to not having that kind of food now! We did have a nice time together though. 

After dinner the kids swam and jumped in their superhero costumes. They were playing some type of game and in it they had to save Parker’s character’s life. They crack me up with their made up games! They are getting so much better at pretending since being home. 

Final thoughts and challenge: In the Mama Bear book they talk about how a large majority of kids that are brought up in the church leave their faith after leaving the home and a lot even check out before they leave the home, they just appear to be following the Lord.  It is so interesting to me that this happens. The book obviously addresses how to avoid this with your own children and kids you may work with and such. 

Is this you? Are you someone who left Christianity after you were old enough to make the choice to do so? If so why? Do you regret it or did you by chance return to the faith after trying other beliefs or ideas? What do you think was the main reason you left? Are you at a point where you are thinking of reconsidering?

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