Day 95 June 19th

I woke up not feeling great this morning but made myself get up and run a couple of miles. I was feeling a little better after. Later I joined my group for the live workout, leg day, my favorite! 

During my post run walk I listened to the Bridgetown Daily. The topic today was “The Life God had Assigned”. Collin, from the Community Team at Bridgetown, discusses how our culture is always looking to the future. Such as if someone is in high school they are asked where are you going to college, if someone is dating they are asked when they will be getting married and when someone is just married they are asked when they will have kids and so on. The same happens with careers and such. While this is not all bad, it causes us to miss the here and how, this moment we are living in and called to. What we have going in our life is where God has us and we can rest and relax in it. He references 1 Corinthians 7:17-24. In these verses we are encouraged to walk in the state in which God had put us in. So we don’t always have to be striving for the next big thing. We can be right where we are and it be God’s calling for our life!

Alaina has been the cutest the last few days. One day she came downstairs dressed for the day and peeked her head around the corner like she didn’t want me to see her. I asked her what was up and she said that she was bored wearing shorts and a shirt everyday so she thought she would try a dress but she said “I think it’s over the top” 😂 she looked very cute that day and we talked about her whole outfit. Since that day she has dressed up each day! She is so beautiful!

Today was a big day for us! We worked hard upstairs to get some things packed up and organized because we had the carpet installer coming to give us a quote! When he came Aaron and I decided to go ahead and book with him. 

After meeting with him, we headed to Menards to order the carpet! The kids stayed home and watched a movie. Within 2 weeks we will have new carpet! When we moved in there was really no flooring upstairs. There was a floating floor in one room and the others old laminate tile! It’s been so long overdue for us to get carpet. We will all be in heaven! We are so grateful!

Final thoughts and challenge: While I was reflecting on this life God had assigned for me, I saw some areas where I need to relax and just settle in and accept this is where I am to be for the moment.

How about you? Do you have some areas that you are always trying to get to the next thing or place in your life? Do you need to slow down, soak up the life you are assigned and enjoy the here and now? What’s the hurry? Really?

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