Day 97 June 21st

I woke up a bit sore today! My body is welcoming this day of rest! I took a peaceful walk to work out some of my tight muscles and to spend some special time with the Lord.  It was not too hot or muggy, there was a cool breeze that made it for a relaxing walk! 

Happy Father’s Day!! Today is a very special day for many men in our country. I pray all dads and father figures feel loved and appreciated! This morning during my God time, I spent time reflecting on what an amazing heavenly father we have! He cares so much for us and not only loves us more than we can understand but he delights in us, enjoys us and loves to bless us. In Matthew 7:11, Matthew describes how even as sinful evil parents we want to give gifts to our children, so imagine how much more God, who loves us perfectly, wants to give gifts to us! God really does want what is best for us and is the best father anyone could ask for! I am so grateful for my relationship with Him and could not imagine my life without him. There is nothing like the love of our Heavenly Father! 

Aaron did not want to do a whole lot for father’s day. He hung out with the kids in the morning while I got some painting done in the front! I am so excited for the whole house to be complete but I know it will take some time and lots of hard work. I am so thankful my dad has agreed to help! 

After I finished up the front we all got ready to go grab some pizza (Aaron’s favorite). The plan was to take it to the park and eat there but around that same time it started raining. We were fortunate they had some picnic tables under some thick trees so we were able to stay dry. The kids gave Aaron his father’s day gifts, which included clothes, a lego set and tervis mug with baby yoda on it for his pop (Addie’s idea lol).  He also has a customized xbox controller coming, Parker designed it! I am excited for that to get here!  We had planned to feed the geese but because of the rain we could not find them anywhere so we moved on to grab some custard from Culvers. We sat in the car and ate it in the parking lot. 

When we returned home Aaron and I had some time on the hammock together as the kids played. After putting the kids to bed I ate my dinner and finished up my second module in my personal training course. This was tough, it was all about Basics of Exercise science and human movement, so basically all about the nervous system, muscular system and skeletal system. UGH! There is a reason I did not become a healthcare professional! 🙂 I made it through the module and passed the quiz but I will definitely need to go back and review the material a few more times. 

Final thoughts and challenge: I hope this was a special day for fathers and for those who were celebrating their fathers but I also want to keep in mind those who have lost a father or never had a father figure. I pray for you that you know or come to know the love of the Heavenly Father. He can fill that void that you have from your absent earthly father or the father you are missing terribly.  Allow God to fill your heart with His love. It is something so powerful and you will never experience anything like it! 

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