Day 101 June 25th

My dad came today to help finish up the painting so I ran a quick mile and then completed today’s workout on my own. I really miss my live workouts! 

After my workout I did have a chance to do a little God time before my dad arrived. Today there were guest speakers on the Bridgetown daily. They are musicians from England! Emily, the wife, talked about how they were gone so much traveling before COVID and now they are stuck at home together. She said that one of the first things she noticed was the songs from the birds. She had been so busy before that she has not stopped noticed it any longer. She reminded us of two things, even when we are living life and not aware, God is there singing over us and second there is beauty in the mundane. We are encouraged to find the blessing in the little things in life that are annoying or repetitive and those things we can’t wait to be over. There are opportunities and blessings all around us! 

Today we finished painting the house! It looks amazing! I’m so thankful for the help from my dad and just as thankful it’s over! It is super hard work to paint a 2 story house with a brush! 🙂 It is supposed to rain for the next few days so I will be moving inside where I am redoing all upstairs bedrooms! This needs to be done by July 6th when the carpet comes in!

The highlight of the day for the kids was getting a happy meal! I had to run to get my dad some lunch so I surprised the kids with happy meals. They have not had them for so long! They enjoyed eating on the porch with my dad:) 

Final thoughts and challenge: Today and moving forward I want to be mindful of the blessing in the mundane. I pray I see the silver lining in my ordinary day to day life right now. 

How about you? Do you see the blessing in the ordinary? Can you stop to reflect on this and try to find it? It will change your perspective! Stop today and enjoy the little things ❤️

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