Day 103 June 27th

I changed things up for myself this morning, instead of a run I challenged myself with a 7 mile bike ride:) It was fun but I definitely prefer running 😂

I read Psalms 139 as part of the Bible App devotional. It speaks to how perfectly God knows us. It’s so amazing to me how much He knows us and still wants to have a relationship with us! He desires to have a relationship with us, is passionate about us and wants to love us and help us! There is nothing about us He does not know so there is nothing for us to try to hide. I love how open and free I can be with God. All of my thoughts are okay to share with him! He will not judge me or hold them against me! He has already dealt with all my sin and moving forward I have freedom to enjoy my relationship with Him and never again worry about His love for me! 

Each kid was given $100 to pick out accessories and decorations for their “new” room. So today I sat for several hours with the kids to help them make choices and plan their rooms. It was a very long, frustrating yet interesting process! It’s so fun to see the differences in their interests and taste. It was nice to spend time with them in this way! They are so excited to see the finished product! They have had incomplete rooms since we moved in so anything I do will be amazing to them 😂

The rest of the day I spent finishing up the garage, making room for everything from upstairs. There was not much time left to work but I made the most of my time! 

The kids are getting harder to entertain, especially since Wednesday when we were able to see family. Every day they are looking for something more fun to do and they ask if we can go to Michigan. Right now that is not even an option because we have no vehicle, both ours and Nancy’s is in the shop :/ I am hoping they can get back to being content with the things we have to do here at home! 

Final thoughts and challenge: In reference to how much God loves us, I think about all the times I have doubted this or brushed it off thinking it didn’t mean much. I have had times in my past that I felt so unlovable and so worthless that I couldn’t even imagine a father figure loving me the way that God loves me. The funny thing is, as soon as I was in a place where I could understand and accept that love, I started to heal and to see more value in myself and in others. God’s love and healing is so powerful! 

Where are you at with accepting God’s love? Can you imagine a love like this? You are fully loved and cherished and God wants to know what you are thinking and would love to hear from you!

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