Day 104 June 28th

Today was a walk only morning, however about half way through my walk I got bored and decided to run the rest of the way:) Today is the day I allow my body to rest and recover from last week’s hard work and prepare for the hard work it will do this next week! It is so hard for me to rest on rest days but i know it is so important! 

Addie found my old journals last night and I was reading through them. These journals were from when I was in college going through some really hard stuff, working out some stuff from my childhood. There were many times in my writing that I asked God for healing, wisdom and shared with him how I would like to grow closer to him. I remembered the pain I felt during that time. Then I was overcome with great joy and began to thank God for his healing and how much he has grown me since my college days! Each prayer was answered in some way and more! What a great reminder today! 

This morning we made a trip to the local donut shop on our bikes! We wore our masks and told the kids not to touch a thing. 🙂 Unfortunately there were not many donuts left so we got a couple of cookies as well. 

In the afternoon the kids made up their own fun while I continued working on the garage and other projects. In the evening I burned some wood that I needed to get rid of! 

Final thoughts and challenge: I started journaling consistently in college, which happened to be the time when I struggled the most with many things. Even then I would write to God. After I got married I would journal off and on until this past year and half. I started again in an attempt to organize my thoughts and have and track what God is doing in our lives. 

Have you considered a prayer journal or just a journal in general? If not, it can really change your perspective for the day and can help remind you of where you’ve been and how your prayers have been answered. You really should consider it! 

If you do journal, when is the last time you looked through past journal entries? Take some time to do so and thank the Lord for how far your have come!

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