Day 105 June 29th

This morning was bright and warm! I ran a quick 2 miles and then completed a leg workout with my online group. Little did I know this would just be the start of my workout for the day! 

Today in my Bible app devotion, the discussion was about the wound of unworthiness and the characteristics of it. What I realized is that throughout my adult life I have been struggling with this. This is essentially trying to gain favor and approval from others due to past feelings of being unworthy. The good thing is the answer to trying to combat this,  is to live in God’s truth of what his word says about me.  I can continue to find my identity in Christ rather than in what others think of me.

Today I had a full day! My dad called and said he could come Tuesday to put in the privacy fence on the sides of the house. The only problem was I did not have a vehicle to get the supplies, so to solve my problem I decided to ride my bike to Menards, which was about 7 miles one way. When I got there I rented their short term rental truck, loaded it up with the fence, posts and cement bags and then unloaded it at home then returned the truck and then biked home. After that I moved all the furniture from upstairs downstairs to the garage and then pulled up the plank flooring in our bedroom and took it down. It was a full day of movement and lots of muscles used! 

While I was working on bringing stuff downstairs Addie asked if she could make dinner.  This was at the perfect timing and I was excited for her to do so! She not only made us dinner but dessert as well. She made us soup, but couldn’t remember what all she put in it but it was legitimately good! It was cute because she used a can of whole potatoes. 🙂 We enjoyed the soup and then she brought out the dessert. It was made from scratch cupcakes and frosting.  The cupcakes were not too bad but she had to make some substitutions in the frosting and it ended a little soupy but we made it work.  I explained to her what a blessing it was that she was able to help out in this way! I love her heart and it’s so fun to see her grow and mature so quickly.

Final thoughts and challenge: In this mornings’ reading the characteristics of the wound of unworthiness that got me thinking were, a tendency to be task-oriented and performance driven, always achieving but never satisfied, staying busy and not dealing with anything, overthinking and evaluating everything while sifting through your emotions, self reliance or excessive independence and perfectionism.  These are all things I need to or have needed to work though and have been trying to change where my worth and value comes from. 

What about you? Do any of these characteristics fit you? Do you need to reevaluate where your value and worth comes from? We don’t have to keep trying to live up to what others think of us, we can rest in the fact that we are made by God and He is pleased with us!

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