Day 106 June 30th

Oh boy! My legs were heavy today for my run and workout! It was clear very quickly in the morning that I did not get enough food yesterday and I really worked hard.  I made some modifications to my workout so I could finish it but it was rough! 

While reading “Mama Bear Apologetics” the author was covering the topic of teaching our kids discernment. She calls it the “chew and spit” method. The idea is to not restrict all content but to teach them to discern what is true and what are lies and what is healthy and what is not. The point that she makes that really got me thinking was the idea that everyone who is strongly arguing for something, even in malicious and destructive ways, has a basic underlying reason or conviction for their argument. 

She challenges us to ask the questions, what are they valuing? What are they trying to accomplish and what is their ultimate goal? Most of the time we have the answers to those questions are the same for us as it is for the person we are arguing with.  When this happens, we can then argue for a healthier approach.  This could be true in our every day relationships, such as with our spouses! 

My dad came this morning to help with another project! We put up some privacy fencing on the sides of the house. It was a hard job, but again, I am so grateful he could help and I got to spend some more time with him. We got it all done and it looks great! I am grateful he taught me to work so hard. 

After my dad left I quickly rode my bike to my cousins house to borrow her car to go to the doctor. This was my first time in a medical office since the initial lockdown for Indiana. The office I went to was part of a massive medical park including the hospital and there were nurses and doctors all around, all dressed head to toe in protective equipment. The process for getting into the exam room was something! 

Before my appointment I had to register online and answer several questions in regards to COVID. Upon arrival I had to call a certain number to let them know I was there. At that point they asked me all the questions I answered online and then more about COVID.  The lady I called then said to wait in my car and they would call me when they were ready for me to go into the exam room. I waited another 20 minutes before they called. They then told me where to go and to wear my mask. When I went into the building there were medical personnel sitting at the door checking that everyone that was walking in had permission to enter. I then walked into the office where I was being seen where there were a few chairs, all at least 6 feet apart. I sat there for about 2 minutes until they called me back. Once in the exam room everyone entering had masks and PPE. Immediately after my appointment I was escorted directly to the exit. 

Although the whole experience seems steril and depersonalized, my doctor was still very social, unrushed and spent the time with me to hear my concerns. I felt I had quality care and I did not feel I was treated as though I was a danger in any way. LOL! I really hope things don’t stay this way for long! 

In the evening I had the blessing of walking with my friend again! I love that we are getting together now and I really enjoy my time with her! She is such a fun loving and positive friend and that is so helpful to me! We both decided to walk a little less this time since we walked so much last time and we were both so sore! 

Final thoughts and challenge: I have been reflecting on past disagreements and arguments that I have had and even the current protests and trying to see the heart behind the anger and what results they are trying to get. 

Do you need to argue for a healthier approach with someone? Can you use the questions above to see if you can find the heart of the matter and find common ground before trying to persuade them? I think if we can see a person’s heart in an issue it will make it easier to not see them as enemies but as someone with a common goal as our own. 

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