Day 107 July 1st

I cannot believe it is July 1st already! The time is going so slowly but so fast! The last 107 days has been the weirdest time of my life! I am sure everyone can say the same! I started my day with a run. I had planned on 2 miles but I feel like I have not been able to run as much as I would like so I ran 4 and then completed a cardio session live with my trainer when I got back. 

This morning during my God time I was writing in my prayer journal about how I couldn’t believe that summer break was almost over. I prayed that we would not take the time for granted and that we could soak up the calm before the craziness of the school year hits.  I am getting worn out by all the house projects and really want to take some time to spend as a family.  Aaron and I agreed once we get the upstairs finished, that we would take a break for the rest of the summer and do things together. I think this will give our family the rest and rejuvenation we will need to battle this school year to come. 

Today was pretty boring.  We just worked around the house and the kids played. Aaron and I did get to take a bike ride to the city counsel building to get some trash stickers.  We have a ton of trash with all the renovations going on! We also worked together on finishing up the gate portion of the fence. That took a couple of hours but it was fun to do a project with him. Then it took me a while to break down boxes and bag up the trash.  

In the afternoon the governor was on to announce if we would be moving to the next stage in the re-entry plan. Instead of entering stage 5,  we are entering stage 4.5. This is something they just created. Essentially our hospitalizations have gone up and there are a lot of people getting sick from indoor venues so he is keeping the restrictions for indoor gatherings but moving forward with outdoor gatherings.They also announced that schools should move forward with back to school plans. A question was posed about the risk that will be taken by putting students together again and they just said that if the kids get sick, most of them get over it quickly and easily. They did not address the adults or any other issues that we face when returning. 

The rest of the day I was feeling off, frustrated, angry and annoyed. I think I was just processing what the news conference talked about, thinking about returning to work and the kids returning to school. There are just so many unknowns and it frustrates me that people are not being more careful.  It is also apparent that the virus has grown to be something much more than even the experts expected.  Like I have said before I am not fearful, just more annoyed with the whole situation. 

Final thoughts and challenge: Looking at the rise in cases and seeing many states pulling back and regretting opening too soon has me reevaluating the things we are doing to help keep the infection down in our area. I think the fall is going to be rough for everyone with children and everyone in education.  There will most likely be a spike just due to the number of people reentering.  We have been trying to venture out more to expose the kids to “new normal” to prepare them and we also have been taking some vitamins to try to boost our immune systems. At this point, with both Aaron and I working in education and the kids being in school, we expect to get the virus. We are just trying to minimize the impact. 

Have you thought much about the rise in cases and how your family is trying to help with this situation? Is there anything you would like to do differently? Is there something you are already doing to prepare that you could share with others?

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